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January 24, 2021, 6:20 am

Bad News, You’re Probably Using Your Micellar Water Incorrectly

When the beauty world gave us micellar water, the whole world rejoiced. Well, anyone who’s ever wanted to remove their makeup thoroughly...

Happy New Beard! Top 3 Men’s Grooming trends for 2021

Brisbane based hair educator and former men’s hairdresser of the year, Jules Tognini, has predicted the top trends in grooming and shaving for 2021, along with tips for how guys can best achieve them at home.
Embrace Brisbane Beauty Gifts 2020 Elizabeth Best Author

Best Beauty Gifts From Luxe to Less | Gift Guide 2020

We're decking the halls with this year's prettiest beauty gifts, from spendy to savey.

Quickest Ways To Take Off Your Makeup This Party Season

The end of the year is usually full of parties, festivities and possibly a few too many drinks which, if you’re anything...

Why Vitamin C Is The Skin Saviour You Need

You’ve all heard about making sure you have enough vitamin C in your diet (hello, those delicious little chewable vitamins!), but it...

What Your Favourite Lipstick Colour Says About You

Whether you're a fan of peach lips or a die-hard fan of the classic red lip, it's time to find out what...
Woman getting a facial, skin peel

I Had a 6-Layer Face Peel: Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to chemical peels, I’ve flirted with a few but never really gotten really serious, you know? I’m talking skin...

5 Ways To Improve Your Skin

Here's a few easy tips to help you reach your skincare goals. From tips about nourishing your skin from...

Introducing Your Perfect Scents for Spring

Miranda Priestly might have sarcastically said florals in spring are sarcastically “groundbreaking”, but when it comes to scents they’re all the rage...

Park Noir

Stylist Ryan Cotterill from undress runways has a few things to say about winter fashion - especially for gentlemen.

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