Let’s face it, Brisbane summer was HOT and not in the hot girl summer good way. Now we’re in autumn and the weather is still all steamy, which can mean disaster for long locks. Even Taylor Swift was battling the dreaded static in the air when she recently performed her Eras Tour Down Under. 

But we’ve got a few tips and tricks to keep those tresses looking silky smooth in even the most adverse conditions thanks to the experts. We talked to Mr. Smith’s Creative Director Freda Rossidis to get her her top products to keep your hair smooth and manageable during the heat.

Firstly, when it’s hot Freda says that the salt and sweat build up, which can leave hair looking less than ideal. “You need to cleanse using a refreshing and revitalising shampoo,” she says. Luckily (who’d of thought it?!) Mr. Smith’s Stimulating Shampoo and their Luxury Shampoo are ideal for this purpose. 

The Stimulating Shampoo helps clear up that build up, with avocado and peppermint oil nourishing the scalp and increasing circulation to the area (hello new growth!). On the other hand, the Luxury Shampoo has been developed to deeply nourish the hair. A blend of organic caviar lime, mountain pepper and aniseed myrtle works to smooth the hair, delivering deep hydration and enhanced shine.

IMG 3873
This is the whole range our Beauty Editor tried. Photo: Elizabeth Best

Next up, Freda says we need to remember to not just stick to the shampoo/conditioner routine—break it up with a regular hair mask (or masque in the Mr. Smith universe). “Treat your hair regularly with a hair masque,” Freda says. “This will help to replenish and strengthen hair.”

Then it’s on to the protection phase. Humidity affects hair so if we use the right products, we can give our ‘do the tools to protect itself from being affected by the weather. “You can use products thast have anti-humidifying properties to smooth and enhance shine,” Freda explains. “You can protect your hair using a serum or leave-in treatment that hydrates and nourishes.” Mr. Smith’s Leave-In is ideal for this purpose. Designed to smooth the hair, while enhancing shine, this weightless leave-in treatment helps tame unruly hair, leaving it silky and soft. Delivering both heat and UV protection, aloe vera adds moisture and strengthens the hair, alongside vitamin rich mango butter that naturally conditions and nourishes.

Her next hot tip is actually a not tip: avoid heat styling tools in the humid months. They can strip hair of much needed moisture it needs to stay frizz free. It’s hot enough—we don’t need to fry our locks even more!

“Allow your hair to air dry and encourage natural movements by using a styling product such as Mr. Smith Curl Creme, Sea Salt Spray or Primer.” We love a good product that helps hair dry and style naturally! 

We tried Mr. Smith products during the Brisbane’s hottest summer weeks for a month to put it to the test. 

Our Mr Smith haircare experience

As a long hair haver, I am constantly looking for ways to tame my unruly strands so I was very eager to try Mr. Smith’s range. 

Known for luxurious formulas, minimalist packaging and nourishing ingredients, Mr. Smith is an Australian brand dedicated to results through style, substance and simplicity. 

And after using a Mr. Smith regimen for a month, I am ready to deliver my verdict: my hair has never been silkier.

During the review period I used the Luxury Shampoo, Masque, Luxury Masque, Serum and Leave In treatments. 

The first thing I want to say is: hair SERUM? Game changer. I mean, we use serums on our face all the time, why not in our haircare routine? The Mr. Smith Serum has argan, jojoba and hempseed oil and is designed as a leave-in product. It gave my hair a sort of weight without it being oily or weighed down. It’s hard to explain but suffice to say the frizz was improved and my hair was sticking with more of a natural wave pattern. 

IMG 4348
Before Mr. Smith and after a month of use.

I really loved all the products to be fair, but special mention also needs to go to the Luxury Masque. I tried this one out very early on in the review period and the difference was virtually instant. Whereas before my hair was a little dry at the ends, after the Luxury Masque it felt like it held a natural wave and held onto much more moisture. 

All in all I think Mr. Smith products do a wonderful job for me at combating the frizz and static that normally comes with Brisbane’s ultra-humid climate. I don’t think my frizz problem is 100 per cent solved yet (thanks genetics!) but I think it’s well on its way to being nourished and smooth the way it’s supposed to be. Definite recommend from me. 

Elizabeth Best

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