As we tiptoe into autumn and the weather starts to cool down (dear god, let it cool down) it’s time to start looking for heartier dishes to satiate our hunger. Bisou Bisou is scratching that itch with their Rotisserie Du Jour, eschewing the traditional Sunday roast for an offering every single day of the week. 

Bisou Bisou in Fortitude Valley specialises in deliciously simple French fare to be enjoyed any time of the day, any day of the week. Their secret weapon in the kitchen is their authentic French-imported La Rotisserie oven, a specialist piece of cooking equipment that delivers tender morsels of meat basted to perfection in their own juices. 

Brisbane foodies rejoiced when the Hotel X eatery recently added a $26 takeaway rotisserie box, and the team listened to our love of flavourful meats and has added new roast specials that change daily. 

Each main is paired with ideally matched sides that create a balanced, mouthwatering dish. And priced at just $38, it’s giving high-end French fare for a gastro pub price. 

Lamb Bisou Bisou
Bisou Bisou’s Monday special is this lamb beauty.

On Monday, diners are treated to roasted lamb leg with braised white beans, cherry tomatoes, balsamic and olive oil. Tuesdays and Sundays are reserved for peppered beef rib with garlic champs, bone marrow and parsley. Then on Wednesdays and Fridays, enjoy rolled and roasted pork belly accompanied by braised cabbage, bacon and apple sauce. Thursdays and Saturdays are all about honey and spice glazed duck breast with caramelised Brussels sprouts and roasted turnips.  

Our Bisou Bisou rotisserie du jour experience

This is the first time I’d been to Bisou Bisou and immediately I love the decor. It actually reminds me of a bistro I visited in Paris one time so there’s an A+ for the cosy luxe French chic vibe. 

We are here to try the roast special of the day and, being Monday, it was time to feast on lamb. But even as we know we’re going for the special, there are so many other delicious looking delights on the menu that we can’t resist ordering a starter to share. And a couple of sides. And popping a second main meal to share on the order too. And some cocktails. And also dessert.

Look, it all just looks really good, OK? 

Croquettes Bisou Bisou
Pork croquettes are a great starter.

We order pork croquettes with quince mustard aioli to start. These little crumbed squares of deliciousness and their quince paste accompaniment are the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Then, because deciding is hard, we opt to share a roasted lamb leg (with braised white beans, cherry tomatoes, balsamic and olive oil), as well as half a rotisserie chicken (with a beurre noisette featuring caperberries and parsley in a brown butter sauce).

I am of the firm belief that a roast isn’t a roast without roast potatoes so we order a side of them, accompanied with confit garlic and fried rosemary. And because I feel guilty there weren’t any greens on my plate (thanks mum), we also added on a serving of warm green beans, pickled red onions and smoked almonds. 

Firstly, there’s no other word for this chicken than succulent (except maybe moist, and I hate that word but I’m not gonna lie, it’s super accurate). The meat is juicy and is perfectly offset by the delicate saltiness of the brown butter sauce. 

Chicken Bisou Bisou
The best rotisserie chicken I’ve tasted.

The sides with the lamb match the main event perfectly, with the tomatoes and balsamic giving a perfect piquancy to the smooth butteriness of the braised white beans. (Sidenote, I am totally going to take a leaf out of the Bisou Bisou book and try a white bean mash at home.) 

The roast potatoes have a crunch that it takes a few takes to get the perfect video footage for social media because my fork couldn’t break through the crispy, crispy skin. 

Bisou Bisou delivers on the promise of simple yet elevated French fare, and their rotisserie specials are quite… well, special. I’m already planning another visit to try another of the weekly roasts… Or all of them. 

Bisou Bisou, Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude Valley, Ground Floor, 458 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. p. (07) 3131 8900

Elizabeth Best

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