Pop the cork and pour yourself a big old glass of sparking cabaret, because Strut and Fret’s Blanc de Blanc Encore is back in town and it’s positively fizzing with frivolity.

That’s right, the Spiegeltent is back in town and it’s housing an encore season of sexy song, dance and unbelievable feats performed by the glitziest crew in town. The show is situated in the Twilight Electric, Brisbane’s newly activated, carnival-themed precinct down near Eat Street in Hamilton. Honestly, the precinct—featuring a couple of bars, carnival snacks, a Ferris wheel, and yet another fabulous magic-themed show, all riverside—is a destination in itself. 

This season of Blanc de Blanc Encore features some new faces showcasing their incredible talents in a cabaret that’s brimming with sexual overtones, sequins galore and lots of free flowing bubbly. An erotically charged celebration of all things champagne, Blanc de Blanc Encore sees our hosts, Joe and Emile, open the show with a bit of ballsy humour (literally). This compère pair are charged with driving the show forward with their chemistry and charisma and boy, do they have it in spades. From their cunning linguistics to impressive physicality, both showed great comedic timing and repartee. 

Acts featuring seductive chanteuses, Art Deco acrobats and and a whole lot of Gatsby glamour happen in front, beside and yes, even above audience members. Each act is designed to titillate the audience in a different way. The show see-saws beautifully through high-flying, high-octane acts and the slower more sensual skits, all punctuated with all-out party dance breaks.  

The atmosphere in this show is frothy, electric and awe-inspiring and jaws definitely hit the floor during some of the aerial performances. 

I really hate to rain on any of this parade with a criticism because it was so darn fun, but I did have one small issue with the set up. I was seated to the side of the stage and, boy is it loud there. I love a wild party as much as the next person, but if you’re in that seat right under the speaker, the sound can be aggressively distorted (and a wee bit painful) at times. Audience members sitting side stage also get a, shall we say, more unique view of some of the more risqué acts so, win some lose some? 

I said this the last time I saw this deliciously zesty show but you’re afraid of audience participation you might not want to sit near an aisle or the stage. There WILL be audience participation and performers WILL choose people who look like they don’t want to be chosen!

Similarly, if you have allergies or asthma, pop your meds before the show. Again, without spoiling too much, there are SO MANY FEATHERS involved and it’s truly fab.

If you drank up the glam that was Blanc de Blanc before, now’s the time to go back to the bar for another tipple because this encore is every bit as thrilling as before. And if you’re a Blanc de Blanc virgin, well, bottoms up! 

What:               Blanc de Blanc Encore

Where:            The Spiegeltent – Twilight Electric Precinct, Northshore, Hamilton

When:              From 27 July

Tickets:            From $59 (plus booking fee)

Bookings:        twilightelectric.com.au  


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