Fosh Bar + Restaurant takes great pride in its ingredients and produce—that’s easy to see from the cabinets featuring fish aging to perfection alongside other fare fresh from the sea. When I first was invited to dine at Fosh I was a bit worried because to tell you the truth… I don’t actually eat seafood. 

“Well what on earth are you doing at a seafood restaurant?!?” I can already hear you shouting at whatever device you’re reading this on. WELL, I heard that apart from being seafood experts and connoisseurs, the chefs at FOSH are also pretty great at food for non-seafood lovers as well. I had to check it out. 

To make sure that I was impartial, I also brought my seafood-loving brother with me to give me the lowdown on what this restaurant is known for. 

Our Fosh experience

First thing we notice when we rock up to the restaurant is location, location, location. Fosh has carved out a prime piece of riverfront real estate, with a dining room that somehow feels incredibly luxurious but relaxed at the same time. We’re seated at a table with lovely mood lighting and surrounded by greenery. 

A glass of white wine and a FOSH menu sits on a black table, surrounded by greenery.
Just being posh at Fosh.

And yes, while the menu is festooned by all manner of creatures caught in our oceans, it also has some particularly tasty looking food for us non-seafoodies too. 

I start with the spiced lamb ribs with tahini yoghurt and mint, while my brother orders the kingfish with aged ponzo, kombu and chives. I promise him that I will at least try a bite of his dish in a bid to expand my culinary horizons. 

A plate of lamb ribs and a plate of kingfish in red sauce sits on a black table.
Lamb ribs and kingfish starters.

My lamb ribs are so tender they nearly fall off the bone—I didn’t even need a knife, really. The spices pair really well with the tang of the tahini. My brother says the kingfish is fresh and flavourful, and that it really doesn’t taste like fish at all. I try some and of course he is right, kingfish is not a very fishy tasting fish, and is therefore quite delicious. 

Maybe I do eat some seafood? 

For our mains, my brother orders from the Market Seafood menu, which includes one complimentary side. He picks the aged coral trout (half fish) cooked Singapore-style with mussels and shallots, with a side of fried greens with goat cheese mousse, chilli and garlic.

A top down view of three plates, one with green beans, one with potator scallops and one with half a trout with the head still on.
The dishes at Fosh were colourful and flavoursome.

I opt for one of the choices on the From the Land menu, a 200g eye fillet (pasture-fed, grass-fed) with beef jus and a side of potato scallops because… well who can say no to a potato scallop? Not me. 

The steak is seared beautifully and cooked to a perfect medium rare, and makes for a hearty meal now the weather has cooled down. We share our sides, and the fried greens are a taste sensation. The beans are nicely charred but retain their crispness and go super well with the creaminess of the goat’s cheese. The potato scallops are a tasty accompaniment and much less greasy than the ol’ bain marie kind. 

A hand pours beef jus on a 200g eye fillet steak.
Delicious steak with beef jus.

My brother says the trout is rich in flavour and the mussels were deliciously juicy. I take his word for it on this one—one bit of seafood is enough for me tonight.

When the question of dessert comes up, I am fairly stuffed but also love sugar so I say yes. Our lovely waiter Dusan suggests the cappuccino parfait looks good if we are taking photos (of course we are) and is also super yummy. My brother orders that and I go for the Fosh chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and rum anglaise. 

A round slice of chocolate cake topped with mousse, pistachios and creme anglaise.
Can’t say no to choccie cake.

Both are delicious. The chocolate cake has a really nice convergence of textures between the moist cake, the fluffy mousse and a sort of satisfyingly chewy layer in between. 

A cappucino parfait. sits on a white plate surrounded by swirls of berry sauce and cream.
The cappucino parfait came recommended.

All in all, FOSH was a flavourful experience at a picturesque venue with staff who truly care about their guests and are happy to share their passion for the food and drinks the venue serves. 

Fosh Bar + Restaurant, Portside Wharf, 39 Hercules St, Hamilton. p. (07) 3211 8111

Elizabeth Best

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