Chances are you’ve seen this pretty-in-millennial-pink packaging adorning your beauty feeds on Instagram for some time. And now, thanks to Sephora, the award-winning Saturday Skin brand is finally available Down Under.

Described as “a weekend in a bottle”, this brand is all about revealing your clearest, dewyest skin. The Korean skincare brand consists of a complete AM to PM regimen featuring something called Cha-7, an exclusive peptide they say promotes the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Now, I am the first to admit I am a complete sucker for a minimalist, shelfie-worthy aesthetic when it comes to my beauty and skincare products but I also want it to work. So with my gorgeous bottles of Saturday Skin products in my possession, I set about seeing whether this buzzworthy brand feels as good as it looks.

Rub-a-Dub Refining Gel Peel

When it comes to exfoliators, you’ve probably used a few physical ones (with all the gritty scrubby bits in them). You might have even used a few AHA BHA acids and toners. But this peel is different. The Saturday Skin Rub-a-Dub Peel Refining Gel Peel is, as the name suggests, in gel form. Massage this baby into your skin and you can literally feel and see your skin impurities peel off in tiny balls! It’s a very cooling, soothing formula and the satisfaction of actually seeing the nasties slough right off is palpable. No stinging, no damaged moisture barrier, but smooth-as-a-baby-butt skin. After one use I could already tell I was gonna look forward to using this every darn time.

Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream

Most of the time (especially with all the stressful stuff going on in the world now) I have dark circles under my eyes. I am forever searching for the perfect cream to brighten up my peepers, ditch my baggage and make it look like I remember what sleep is.

This cream is an Elle Magazine 2019 Beauty Grand Prix award winner so there’s a lot of expectation riding on this one for me! When I first see the cream I am impressed; the texture is just gorgeous. It’s not a gel or a cream; more like a whipped souffle kind of formula. It feels light and fluffy, which is exactly what you want around the delicate eye area. It supposedly hydrates and strengthens the thin skin around the eyes, but I will have to evaluate that one over longer than a month.

But for the month, I definitely noticed a difference in the puffiness and circles. The darkness was a shade or two lighter and whenever I apply in the morning it almost instantly makes me look like I’ve slept well (even when my existential dread has kept me up half the night!).

Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

In the hot, humid climate of Australia, water creams are my JAM because they’re so soothing and cooling. This cream is said to contain Alaskan glacier water packed with minerals and Iceland moss extract, said to reduce inflammation. Now, I am no scientist so I can’t verify that but what I CAN say is this cream feels so delightful to massage into a tired, stressed face. The formula works well whether your skin is oily or dry and sinks right into the skin. The best thing is that this cream plays really well with the rest of my skincare products. Sunscreen slides right on, no disruption, serums sit nicely under it. My skin feels bouncy and light and the cream doesn’t sweat off like many other creams in our humid weather.

Check out Sephora to get your hands on some Saturday Skin. 

Elizabeth Best

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