Fenty Skin is finally here, and I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough.

When Rihanna first hit the market with her Fenty Beauty range, I was sent out the whole collection to review and boy was I impressed. Far from the flash-in-the-pan hit-and-miss celebrity lines, Riri had created a range of products that put beauty before fame, and really took into account what consumers needed. 

So naturally as soon as Fenty Skin hit the market I was very keen to see if the secret formula for her success had been replicated. 

The range starts with a simple trilogy of products: Total Cleans’r Remove It All Cleanser, Fat Water Pore Refining Toner Serum and Hydra Vizor Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen Moisturiser. 

So what did I think? First the individual products then the range. 

Fenty Skin Total Cleans’R Remove-It-All Cleanser

The Fenty Skin cleanser has been designed to do exactly what it says: remove it all. Rihanna said when creating this, that she wanted to make sure that “makeup wipes can be cancelled” because of their effect on the environment. Thus, this baby is designed to remove heavy makeup at the same time as cleansing the skin and ridding it from nasties. 

The formula is a peachy pink colour and emulsifies into a sort of milk cleanser that also foams nicely. My skin doesn’t have that “squeaky clean” stripped feeling that some cleansers can produce. 

Fenty Skin Fat Water Pore Refining Toner Serum

Riri created this toner serum hybrid with the aim of flipping the story on traditional toners. It definitely looks like its name, with the texture being more serum than toner… it really does look like Fat Water. 

Fenty Skin Fat Water
Fenty Skin’s Fat Water looking all thicc.

Toners we were told to use by our parents back in the day stripped the skin of valuable moisture and damaged your skin’s moisture barrier. This new hybrid formula strips oils and acts as a chemical exfoliant while ALSO replacing the moisture and them some thanks to hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. My skin feels nice and soft after using, which is definitely not the same as most toners. 

Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 15+ Sunscreen Moisturiser

The first thing I noticed with the Fenty Skin moisturising sunscreen is that it’s only SPF 15+, whereas in other countries it’s 30+. It’s not that we are getting an inferior product here; it’s the same product as overseas, it’s just that Australia has much higher standards when it comes to sunscreen claims. 

Hydra Vizor feels amazing on the skin and I could easily see it becoming my daytime sunscreen… if the SPF were a little higher. As it is, 15+ isn’t enough for the Australian sun if you plan to be outside. However, it’s an ideal sunscreen/moisturiser combo to protect from incidental sun if you’ll be mostly indoors. 

Like the name says, this chemical sunscreen is invisible and doesn’t leave a chalky residue or white cast like some sunscreens do. It sinks in immediately and leaves skin feeling super smooth. 

And kudos to Rihanna for including sunscreen as one of the core skincare steps because it’s the most important tool we have against aging. Repeat after me: wear it every. Damn. Day. 

The verdict on the routine

Fenty Skin offers a wonderful starter routine, or a good routine if you’re feeling a little lazy. If you’re a skincare enthusiast, chances are you’ve got a few more steps you wanna add into your regimen other than cleanse, tone, moisturise/sunscreen. I use this routine from start to finish twice a week to give my skin a break from my active ingredients and it works wonders. 

The best part is that she’s designed the packaging for some products to be refillable to be more gentle on the environment. Props to Rihanna for creating a range that’s easy to use, feels great and looks super cute on your vanity. 

Elizabeth Best

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