Keeping safe while holidaying during COVID19

I’m sure many of us are eager to have domestic travel open up again within Australia. Now that this is happening.. it is important to make sure health and safety precautions are kept to an exceptional standard by us, and also by the businesses you will be visiting and supporting.

With the Australian Government in talks of easing travel restrictions and opening borders, here are some top tips to take along with you to help keep you safe, clean, and secure on your next mini holiday.

Possibly the most important point to take away is to remember to abide by the 1.5m social distancing rules. If you’re out exploring the landscape, walking around the local shops, or dining in a restaurant or cafe, make sure to keep your distance from others to ensure everyone is kept healthy and safe.

Keeping a small hand sanitiser in your handbag or pocket and using it after: touching surfaces, eating, or sneezing and coughing, is a vital way to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Also, make sure to regularly wash your hands; 20 seconds is optimal per wash! If you’re staying somewhere overnight, confirm with your accommodation host that they will provide you with cleaning amenities such as anti-bacterial soap and strong alcoholic hand sanitisers. 

Accommodation providers should also be following the new COVID-19 Clean Standards Procedure. This entails cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces (on a daily basis) such as: table tops, TV remotes, kitchen surfaces, cupboard handles, door handles, light switches, taps, and toilet flush buttons. Additionally, make sure they are using disinfectants that have been qualified for use against the novel coronavirus (click this link to be taken to the Environmental Protection Agency website for more). Be sure to check if your host is focusing on high level cleanliness whether this be before, or when you arrive for your stay. 

If you’re heading out on the road, be sure to gather a Corona Road Kit. This kit could contain items including: gloves, sanitiser, disinfecting wipes, tissues, and a face mask if necessary. All these items are intended to help keep you safe, clean and secure when on your mini-holiday. 

Hotel businesses such as the Marriott International, are redefining their cleaning and safety standards to help defeat COVID-19 and ensure their guests are accommodated in well-cleaned rooms. For example, Marriott Hotels will be using enhanced cleaning technologies such as electrostatic sprayers and ultraviolet light technology for effective sanitisation. Also, increased hand sanitisation stations and rigorous cleaning schedules for high-traffic public spaces will be implemented in their new cleaning and safety standards.

As Australia beings to ease travel restrictions in the next few months, following these simple steps will help stop the spread of coronavirus, and will ensure that your COVID-19 mini holiday is safe, and hopefully enjoyable too. 


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