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Lano Face Base Review: The Simplest Skincare Routine You’ll Ever Meet

Many beauty lovers are already familiar with Lano’s famous 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, a fix-all solution for dryness almost everywhere. Think cuticles, cracked heels, chapped lips, windburned cheeks… you can even to keep eyebrows in place. But now the brand, known for their magic ingredient lanolin, have released a skincare line with minimalist millennial pink packaging to die for. And it flies in the face of trendy 12-step Korean beauty regimens. This A-Beauty Face Base range has just two regular steps, the GelCream Cleanser ($26), and Vitamin E Day Cream ($24). Need a bit more of a boost? They also have a simple face mask to add into the routine, The Aussie Flyer

But does this range live up to the cult status of the 101 Ointment? I was determined to find out. I decided to replace my entire routine with just the Face Base range for a month to see. 

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I first go to use the cleanser as part of my night routine. Like the name GelCream sounds, the Face Base cleanser is a little bit gel, a little bit creamy. It’s cooling without being cold on my skin, and I can feel the softness of the signature ingredient of lanolin. When I rinse off after double cleansing, it feels clean and fresh but not that slightly dry “squeaky clean” feel. The sulphate-free formula has been created specifically to ensure your skin gets a thorough clean without being stripped of its natural oils. It definitely feels like it does this. 

Not wanting to forgo the extra moisture boost I get from my night cream, I pop some of that on, and resolve to use the Face Base Day Cream in the, well, day. 

The next morning I cleanse my face once more and get ready for the day cream. I am really fussy when it comes to day moisturiser because whatever I wear has to sit nicely under my makeup (harder than it should be). But with Vitamin E Day Cream, I have no problems. The fragrance-free velvet-soft formula is specifically designed to glide on and plump skin all ready for makeup application. My makeup looks smooth and holds very well through the day.

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That night I cleanse again and inspect my skin; the moisturiser has done a great job in keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. After a week, I notice that my face feels softer than usual post makeup removal and I have to do less scrubbing to get it thoroughly cleansed. I’m pretty impressed that not only is this regimen so simple and easy, but it seems to work too. 

Then I came to the Face Base’s third product, The Aussie Flyer Leave-On Recovery Mask ($26). I travel a lot, so the idea of a mask that could reverse the effects of gross airplane cabin air that seems to sap my skin of all its life was very appealing. Even better, this The Aussie Flyer was a leave-on mask, making it as easy as possible to use. 

That’s not to say it can’t be used when you’re not travelling; it absolutely can be added into your routine and will give your skin a much needed moisture boost. Made with lanolin, the mask promised to restore moisture to my skin and calm my complexion from the gross plane cabin air. 

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But even so, I decided to try this one on while travelling to make the most of it. As soon as we reached cruising altitude, I popped on some Aussie Flyer. The cream is fragrance-free and there’s something super soothing about applying it. I put on a liberal layer like a sort of shield between me and the cabin dryness; stay back, plane pollution! I allow the cream to do its job and sink into my skin over the long-haul flight. Nine hours later, we disembark and my skin is feeling plump, and refreshed and my friend who greets me at the airport says I look glowing. Which, considering I had barely any sleep, was saying something! What’s even better, I didn’t get any of the post-flight breakouts I am normally prone to when changing environments on holidays. And that, in my book, is one heck of a win. 

I will definitely keep a few of these pretties on hand at all times. I love how simple it is, compared to the results. I will definitely be adding back in a serum or two to the routine every now and then because serums are problem fixers and boy do I have problems that need fixing. But for a base routine, you can’t go past Lano’s Face Base

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