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More Skincare Mistakes To Stop Making

Mistake 1: Sleeping in your makeup

This one is a big no no because that stuff that makes you look glam during the day gunks up your pores at night. Hello pimples and skin that ages all too easily. I know you’re tired and doing a full routine is hard when you can barely keep your eyes open, but at the very least a makeup wipe or two will suffice. I am NOT advocating this method every night, as it’s not a true cleanse, it’s only a fallback. It’s better than nothing though. 

Mistake 2: Not cleaning your pillowcase enough

Why on Earth would you spend so much time doing your 10-step skincare routine and then lay down on a bed of germs? Every time we lie down we are leaving behind sweat, drool, dead skin cells, a build up of old product that hasn’t absorbed into your face… it’s pretty gross. If you don’t change your pillowcase regularly, these nasties built up and then rub against your face for hours. No thank you. 

Mistake 3: Not cleaning your phone

Same goes for your phone. You hold it up to your face with one hand but put it down on public dining tables, train station seats, and even take it to the toilet with you. Just think of all the germs you’re adding to your face unintentionally every single day if you don’t regularly clean and sanitise your phone? 

Mistake 4: Only wearing sunscreen when you go outside

Say it with me: wear sunscreen every damn day. This is a non negotiable for me, and the number one thing I tell people when they ask me my best tips for skincare. Most damage done by the sun is incidental: think through windows, windscreens, walking between buildings, on cloudy days. Sunscreen is the number one thing you can do for your skin to nix premature aging. And don’t forget the old skincare rule when applying: your “face” stops at your chest, so apply on your neck and decolletage as well. 

Mistake 5: Using the same moisturiser night and day

Your face needs different things at different times of the day. Night time is when your skin goes into repair mode so ingredients can be richer and more intensive in order to do the most good. Day time moisturisers are lighter so they don’t cause greasy slicks when you need to look fine. Moreover, many moisturisers have antioxidants and pollution fighting ingredients to help your skin kick ass out and about in the world. 

Mistake 6: Touching your face

COVID-19 really rammed this one home, but let me say it again: STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Your hands touch so many gross surfaces throughout the day without you even knowing. (Seriously, I’ve seen a petrie dish test on unwashed hands and that s*#t is NASTY. Try to limit touching your face to stop those germs being introduced to your face. 

Mistake 7: Changing your routine too quickly

Whipping from one product to the next to the next might satisfy the skincare junkie in you but it can make your skin super cranky. Not only can you not truly see if any of the products work properly, but your skin freaks out with all the different ingredients. You may end up accidentally using two ingredients close together that don’t play well, damaging your moisture barrier, or giving up on a holy grail product because you haven’t given it long enough to settle in. Try to introduce one new product at a time to your routine. This helps identify if a specific product doesn’t work well for you. And take it gradually with active ingredients such as retinol, as they work best when introduced a little at a time. 

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