Pete Murray has found his place

Pete Murray is one of Australia’s most well known singer/songwriters, with hits such as Better Days, Opportunity, Free, So Beautiful and many more. His chilled out, laid back melodies have been the soundtrack to many Aussie summer days. 

He has just released his latest single – Found My Place, another sure-to-be hit. With great lyrics, and an introspective vibe, this song is about passing on wisdom to your kids. 

The video was shot in isolation in Byron Bay – and features his wife and daughter as they play along the beach. 

Pete explains, “This was a last minute decision to get my wife Mira and daughter Saachi in for the shoot. I’m very protective of my family and keep my family life very private. We thought of just using Mira and Saachi as background silhouette shots but when we filmed on the day, Saachi came in to shot out of nowhere and did this cute little dance. Once we saw this we knew it had to be in the final edit. The song is about giving wisdom to your kids, so this was perfect in the end.”

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