Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw’s classic comedy of class, language and gender politics is back on stage and the themes are as relevant as ever.

When egocentric phonetics professor Henry Higgins meets Cockney flower-seller Eliza Doolittle, he isn’t expecting to take her on as a pupil. But when Eliza comes knocking at his door, he spies an irresistible challenge: can he construct a duchess out of the raw materials of a girl from the gutter?

As provocative now as it ever was, Pygmalion cuts like a razor through the façade of social structures, reminding us that we are all players in a cultural game, and asking a crucial question: is class a matter of breeding, or a matter of integrity? Deftly interweaving comedy, drama and social commentary, this show will make you laugh and make you think in equal measure.

Produced by Minola Theatre, this exciting new production of Pygmalion is directed by Kat Dekker and features performances by Kat Bhathena, Martie Blanchett, Bianca Butler Reynolds, Sandra Harman, Natasha Lawrence, Drew Lochrie, Ben Postle, Glenn Seaby and Ben Snaith.

“This production is a departure from our previous seasons, which have focused on intimate solo dramas like Oh Crap Dammit, Begotten, and Highway of Lost Hearts,” director Kat Dekker explains.

“Pygmalion is instead our answer to wanting to get creative with a large ensemble cast, and invite members of the wonderful Brisbane community onto the Minola stage with us.” 

She continues: “This script embodies so much of what I cherish in theatre: it’s playful, larger than life, clever, and brimming with humour. It’s been so much fun to create with this glorious, gorgeous ensemble cast.

“Pygmalion poses profound questions about transformation, integrity, and the complexities of human interaction. Shaw’s reference to the Greek myth—where a sculptor brings life to a statue he carves—challenges us to ponder: Can we truly reshape one another? And if so, at what cost?”

WHAT: Pygmalion by Minola Theatre.
WHEN: February 2-3, 9-10, at 7:30pm
WHERE Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills Hub, 28 Tallowwood Street, Seven Hills QLD 4170
PRICE: $35
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Elizabeth Best

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