Quickest Ways To Take Off Your Makeup This Party Season

The end of the year is usually full of parties, festivities and possibly a few too many drinks which, if you’re anything like me, means it’s time for PARTY MAKEUP. 

But as much as I want to flop on the bed the second I get home after kicking up my heels, I know I need to be a good girl and remove my makeup. “But can’t I skip it this once, Liz?” I hear you say. And look, sure, you can but future you is not going to like what it does to your skin. Trust me. 

Here are some of the quickest ways you can take off that makeup without falling asleep at the basin. (Note: taking your makeup off and cleansing your face should be separate steps in a complete skincare regimen).

  1. Micellar Water
    In the last few years, micellar water has gained a reputation as “the” product when it comes to makeup removal. Is it just water? Heck no it isn’t. Tiny little micelles in the water attract dirt, nasties and makeup, making it easy to wipe off the skin with a cotton round or ball. But remember, you have to splash your face with actual water after it. The Micelles don’t stop attracting grime if they’re left on your skin so you’ll end up absorbing a bunch of unwanted ick overnight if you don’t rinse after.
  2. Cleansing Oil
    YES, oils can remove makeup and NO it won’t make your skin “oily”. Well, it will, just in a beneficial and non-pimpley way. If you like to wear quite a lot of makeup, oil is one of the best things to get it off because it works to break down the makeup formulas. Once it’s all broken down, cleansing is SO much easier. Apply onto dry skin with dry hands (oil and water don’t mix) and massage into your skin to remove your makeup. Then comes the water, which emulsifies the oil and allows all the gunk to wash away. 
  3. Microfibre makeup removers
    A kick-ass sustainable option, the microfibre options such as Face Halo and Make Up Eraser have been growing in popularity in recent years. Just add water and watch your makeup magically disappear off your face. Once wet, the little microfibres grab on to all your makeup and whisk it off your face. YES, even long-wear formulas. What’s more, the material is such that it won’t just redistribute the makeup back on your face the more you wipe. Also, you can wash them and reuse them so money win! 
  4. Cleansing balm
    Before cleansing oils, we had cleansing balms, and as such, they work in much the same way to break down makeup and allow it to be washed off. Instead of a liquid, though, the balms start off as a solid and then will gradually meltdown through the warmth of your hands as you massage it into your skin. Again, most balms are oil-based so dry skin and hands are your best bet.
  5. Makeup Wipes
    If all else fails, you can use makeup wipes. Sure, they won’t do a great job but something is better than nothing. Two makeup wipes are better than one and even better if you can rinse the residue off your face. But if you’re doing all that you may as well cleanse so I understand if you just wanna go the one and fall asleep. Just this once. 


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