The Ultimate French Girl Facial Is Now Available At Kailo Medi Spa

Ever since The Calile Hotel opened their doors on James Street, I’ve wanted to pay a visit to two places, their bar (The Lobby Bar) and their spa (Kailo Wellness Medispa). And now thanks to the arrival of Biologique Recherche products arriving at Kailo I can finally say I have been and experienced the luxury of the new digs. I was particularly interested in Biologique Recherche treatments because they’re all the rage in France. Yes, this is said to be the ultimate in French beauty and if you’ve seen French women you know they tend to have amazing skin (and apparently don’t get fat, but that’s another story).

This is not just any ordinary skincare brand. You can’t just waltz into a shop and buy products willy nilly; no, you need to go into one of the exclusive spa stockists and have your skin professionally analysed, get a treatment, and have a treatment regimen prescribed for you. This is personalised, customised skincare where one size does not fit all.

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So as you can imagine, I was extremely excited to be able to try out this cult favourite Parisian brand. When I first arrived at Kailo I was a little blown away by the setting. One minute I was standing in James Street, the next minute I was in the middle of a tropical rooftop oasis, complete with pool, palms and swanky cocktail bar. Behind me was the entrance to the new day spa and what a gorgeous haven it is. Think peachy tones, with white that’s cosy rather than clinical, plants adorning the walls and a very relaxed but luxe vibe. As soon as I walk in, forms and paperwork have been replaced with a sleek iPads sporting a personalised greeting and imploring me to tell them a bit about myself. When I requested a water, I get it served to me complete with a hot towel, rose quartz, and a little greenery on a golden tray. Yep, I could get used to this.

Pretty soon I was called into the treatment room, and again I found myself loving the luxury feel. Even the treatment bed has what is essentially a thick and cosy comforter on top, keeping me snuggly warm throughout my experience.

What followed is different from any other facial I’ve ever experienced, with all products from the Biologique Recherche range, tailored to my skincare concerns (pigmentation and dryness, grr!). It starts with Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux, which is a fancy French way of saying eye makeup remover, followed by Eau Micellaire Biosensible aka pre-cleansing, soothing micellar lotion for the face.

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Then I get a milk cleanse with Lait U, followed by the cult hit product Lotion P50W, a gentle exfoliating and purifying lotion that’s loved by celebs including Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt. Seriously, this stuff is frequently referred to as “the best beauty product of all time” and “a miracle in a bottle”. But unlike other luxury beauty products this isn’t built to be glam with heady frangrances carrying you away; no, this stuff is built to work. I was told by my therapist that much of the range is based on a formulations that centre on yeast and I can tell; the vague scent of Vegimite-y yeast lingers in the air.

So far, so (relatively) normal right? Here’s where it gets… different. See, Biologique Recherche was created by Yvan and Josette Allouche — a biologist and physiotherapist. Yvan created the formulations, while Josette created the application method which is where the difference comes in.

My therapist begins a sort of pressured, flicking massage as she applies Masque VIP O2, from my decolletage all the way up to my face. As someone who suffers from congested sinuses and puffiness, this technique (designed to bring oxygen to the skin, create a lymphatic drainage effect and lift the muscles and skin) is pure heaven.

After the formula is massaged in and the flicky-pinchy technique stops (and has me thinking MORE PLEASE!) it gets even more interesting. I am talking electric current interesting. My therapist used a machine that’s designed to give a non-invasive facial lift using micro-current technology. It didn’t hurt at all, but definitely felt a little odd. This tingling sensation tickled down my face and at certain times I am almost sure I tasted metal. “Can this really work?” I thought.

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But the results seemed to talk for themselves. My therapist did one side of my face first, starting with the massage and ending with the micro-current, and then held a mirror to my face for me to survey the results. And what do you know? My face did look slightly more lifted and alive on my left than my untreated right! Not by a lot, but I definitely saw a change and could get used to regular sessions of this Biologique Recherche technique and products.

Finally, Elastane Pure serum was gently massaged around my eyes, as well as a mixture of three serums on the rest of my face: Extraits Tissulaires (hydrating serum), Collagene Natif (collagen serum) and VG Tensil serum (vegetable firming effect serum). And in case that weren’t enough luxury products for one session, I also had Creme VIP O2 applied to my face, Creme Contour Yeux Et Levres Biofixine (lifting anti-wrinkle cream for my eyes and lip contour) and Silk Plus moisturising elixir for my face.

Phew! So many products, such good skin, so little time.

After my treatment, my skin feels like it’s glowing and I need to stop myself from touching my super soft skin. And now that I’ve had my first Biologique Recherche analysis and treatment, I know what products are right for me and can take some home to continue the lifted look.

But lord knows I will be coming back to Kailo Wellness Medispa anyway, when I can, because it’s just so luxe.

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