Yes you read that headline right. Get your stretchy pants on, wear your most fashionable smock dress, do whatever you can to get the most of this incredible offer from VICI Italian South Bank

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays every week, the much-loved Italian restaurant is doing BOTTOMLESS PASTA for only $25 with a drink purchase. Say less. To this carb-obsessed spaghetti lover, having unlimited bowls of legit my favourite food since I was old enough to say “pasta” is honestly a dream come true.

VICI, part of the Alemré Group, has two pasta sittings of two hours available, at either 5pm or 7pm. I booked the early session because apparently I am a nana these days and also I wanted to be able to pass out early in a carb coma after my feast.  Situated on Grey Street in South Bank, Vici has street frontage on two sides making it ideal for soaking up the vibes and doing a bit of people watching. We picked a table right at the front with banquette seating. 

The bottomless pasta menu created by Alemré Group Executive Chef Adam Starr features a delectable selection of pasta dishes, including:

  • Bolognese: Crushed beef slow-cooked in a rich tomato sugo with Parmesan, served with a choice of Fettuccine or Potato Gnocchi.
  • Pomodoro: Slow-cooked tomato sauce finished with mascarpone and Parmesan, served with a choice of Fettuccine or Potato Gnocchi.
  • Carbonara ai Funghi: Bacon and fresh wild mushrooms in a mascarpone cream sauce, served with Spaghetti and Parmesan.
Bowl one: bolognese… off to a delicious start!

And look, I could sit here and tell you I restrained myself and ate to what my Grandma use to call “elegant sufficiency” but that is ABSOLUTELY not what happened. I was going to try all three pastas if it killed me. And Liz doesn’t share food, so I stupidly didn’t just go splitsies with my friend. 

I started off with a Bolognese because it’s my favourite and I didn’t want to start with heavy cream. STRATEGY, people! The bowl arrived piping hot and full of delicious fettuccine. I don’t know why I expected the servings to be smaller but they were incredibly generous and I was worried I wasn’t going to get through more than just the one bowl. And as much as my brain was telling me to pace myself, my pasta-loving heart just yelled “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” while doing a little giddy carb dance in my chest.  

Bowls two and three, god help me.

I got through that bowl in record time, while my friend ate her carbonara. Then I decided it was carbonara time and she went with pomodoro. The carbonara was deliciously creamy and just the right amount of bacon, the pasta cooked to al dente perfection. About halfway through the bowl I realised I was struggling. Which is NOT ON—I cannot go to bottomless pasta and not try all the pasta. I cannot give up after one and a half bowls. I would not give up. 

Like a drunken cowboy in the Wild West, I slammed my fist on the table and demanded “ANOTHER!” (OK fine, I really just made polite eye contact with the waiter and asked for a bowl of gnocchi pomodoro while trying not to burp in his face.)

The gnocchi were soft and pillowy as they should be, and I loved the juxtaposition of the tartness of the tomatoes and the smoothness of the mascarpone in the sauce. 

Must. Finish. Gnocchi.

I made it about a half the way through my third bowl when I realised I was defeated. It was the generous portion sizes that did me in. I hung my head in shame and wondered whether I could get someone to come and roll me out of the restaurant and to my car. 

After I thanked the wait staff profusely, my friend and I waddled away from VICI—full to the brim and feeling both triumphant for trying all three bowls and defeated for not finishing them. 

Suffice to say this is one of the best value deals in Brisbane right now and with the cost of living being what it is, it’s well worth a visit to VICI to indulge in bottomless pasta. 

Seriously. I didn’t need to eat until 1pm the next day, so that’s even better value when you think about it! 

If you love carbs book a sitting at VICI Italian, 174 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD, (07) 3844 8556. Bottomless pasta with drink purchase is on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays at either 5pm or 7pm. 

Elizabeth Best

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