Racecourse Road in Ascot has long been known as a destination street full of character, charm and delicious dining options. At the top of it all sits Victory Lane, a restaurant with a relaxed yet upmarket atmosphere and a menu that focuses on fresh local produce and gourmet food. 

As they approach their first anniversary, Victory Lane has announced their new head chef Jamie Hahn has taken the helm, bringing with him an innovative flair and passion for exceptional cuisine. 

Chef Jamie has firmly taken the reins of the stylish establishment, releasing an outstandingly creative new autumn menu full of seasonal delights. (And for those who love oysters, they’ve got a special at the moment: Shuckin’ Sundays, featuring $2 oysters and $15 glasses of Champagne). 

Our Victory Lane experience 

The vibe at Victory Lane really is quite charming, beginning with the large tree outside festooned with fairy lights inviting patrons inside. The interior begins with a bar area that’s sort of like a conservatory/sun room—a glass ceiling lets the light stream in and allows guests to look up to the twinkling stars. 

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We’re here to try the new autumn menu, featuring entrees such as: 100-day grain-fed tartare with cornichons, capers, shallots, chives, dijon, quail egg, fermented frutescens, and sourdough baguette; and blue swimmer crab with warm almond gazpacho, almond jelly, sweetcorn custard, finger lime pearls, puffed wild rice, chives. The mains seem even more mouthwatering, with options such as: cuttlefish risotto with confit cuttlefish, cauliflower risotto, thyme, toasted almonds and caviar; and 200g 360 day grain-fed Wagyu tri-tip, with bone marrow, asparagus, pomme purée, shiitake mushroom, port onions, toasted buckwheat, and jus. 

Despite these scrumptious sounding offerings tempting our palettes we opt for something completely different because decision making is hard, and everything sounded too yummy. 

salmon crudo victory lane

I’ve never really had many opportunities to eat duck, so for my entree I choose the hay-smoked duck with duck breast, parsnip purée, beetroot, black garlic, cherry & rhubarb relish, pistachios, and jus. My sister-in-law opts for the salmon crudo, featuring atlantic salmon, cucumber, shallots, pickled fennel, dill, orange, radish, sourdough baguette.

While we wait, we are served with a salmon amuse bouche, compliments of the chef, which was a really lovely touch. 

Victory Lane smoked duck

My duck is plated beautifully and it seems almost a shame to eat it. It’s juicy and tender, and the flavours of the accompaniments (especially the beetroot) pair really well. Sis-in-law says the salmon tastes super fresh and light. 

Next course I opt for the 200g lamb backstrap, dutch carrot, legumes, leek, pea hummus, toasted quinoa with rosemary jus. Sis-in-law opts for the Moreton Bay Bug tortellini with yellow & green courgettes, caviar, vin jaune emulsion and crustacean oil because she’s never tried caviar and it sounds LUXE. 

When the plates arrive, we are thrilled to find it looks just as luxe as it sounds. The plating of these two is really special, and my Insta-loving heart is happy. Just look at the photos of this perfect ring of little pasta pillows topped with caviar and nasturtiums. 

tortellini victory lane

I don’t eat seafood so I don’t ask for a taste of the tortellini, but I am told the saltiness of the caviar goes really well with the smooth taste of the pasta. 

My lamb is perfectly cooked, juices oozing from the meat as I carve it. The pea hummus is such a great accompaniment that I decide I want to try making it at home sometimes. The seasonal veggies all pair very well for a hearty dish that’s ideal for the cooling Brisbane weather this season.

Lamb backstrap victory lane

After that, we’re both pretty stuffed, but I am determined to get one of the deserts on the menu because DROOL. Heartbreakingly, the dessert I initially choose is sold out because a massive table next to us all decided to order one. Luckily, there is another dessert I had my eye on: a 58% dark chocolate tarte with dark chocolate ganache, coffee ganache, chocolate caviar, gold leaf. I am not a huge fan of coffee so I was a tiny bit worried but the flavour is more of a decadent aftertaste than a leading flavour and it all fits together really well.

Plus the gold leaf makes me feel FANCY. 

chocolate tart victory lane

Victory Lane’s menu is a great celebration of the season. There are dishes that are perfect for the slightly chillier climate, while still retaining lighter, fresh fare ideal for the rare hotter days that Brisbane is renowned for. 

Victory Lane, 150 Racecourse Rd, Ascot, p. (07) 3123 7123.

Elizabeth Best

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