Burgers and frozen yoghurt seem like an unusual combination but it’s proved a huge hit in Melbourne. Now YOMG (pronounced Yo-Em-Gee) has come to our own backyard and Brisbanites can get their fill of juicy burgers, crispy fries and frosty yoghurt dessert treats. 

We visited the new location at Westfield Chermside to get a taste of what’s on offer and settle whether Brisbane is gonna love the burger, froyo combo. 

Our YOMG experience

This burger palace is located in the outdoors food area that’s more resort than shopping centre. Located right down the far end, YOMG is characterised by its vivid purple decor and huge restaurant footprint. There are loads of tables and when we arrived it was already pumping—even on a rainy night!

Exterior of YOMG Brisbane, with a water feature out the front.
Clearly not the rainy night we visited.

The menu is full of all kinds of burgers with cute names, from beef to chicken to plant-based alternatives. Alongside those are several other fried sides and delights such as chicken wings and onion rings (both of which we order). There’s a hearty shakes menu, and an old fashioned slushie machine that reminds me of the syrup-laden Slush Puppies I had as a kid. NOSTALGIA FTW. 

I decided on a Winner Winner burger, which consists of chicken schnitzel, cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, seeded mustard, mayo, relish. I opted for a purple bun because PURPLE BUN. My foodie date went with a classic Yo My with Cheese (beef, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, secret sauce). She opted for a beetroot bun because PINK BUN!

Two burgers sit on a wooden table, one with a pink bun one with a purple bun. There are purple neon lights above.

Then we added on some cheese fries, some onion rings, honey soy sesame wings, an OREO Ripple shake and a cola slushie. When it all came at once, we began to think maybe we over ordered, considering we need to have frozen yoghurt for dessert.  

But then we had a “screw it, it’s our first time and we want to try all the things” moment and just dug right in. 

The Winner Winner burger is aptly named as it was indeed a winner. The schnitzel was crispy and juicy at the same time and the relish makes it basically a chicken parmy burger. Plus that purple bun for extra dopamine. 

A woman's hand holds a chicken schnitzel burger with a purple bun up. There are purple neon lights in the background.

The twice cooked southern fried wings were similarly crispy yet juicy, with the honey soy sauce cutting through nicely. The onion rings were great, and the cheese fries cheesy. 

I think the slushie was a little too sweet for me, but your kids will love the sugar rush. The kid in me appreciated it but just couldn’t finish it. I did have a sip of the shake though and it tasted like cookies and cream goodness. 

An OREO milkshake sits in front of a cola slushie on a wooden table. The brand YOMG is visible on the front of the cups.

We stuff ourselves—there’s no other words for it. We are so full by the end that we opt for a smaller bowl of frozen yoghurt than we’d intended. 

You choose your flavour and then add on from a buffet of toppings with everything from fruit and granola to chocolate and candy with sauces galore to choose from. I went for something simple: chocolate yoghurt with strawberries, coconut, granola and a choc wafer stick.

A woman holds up a purple cup with YOMG on the front, filled with chocolate and vanilla frozen yoghurt covered in strawberries and coconut.

My friend piles hers with a crazy ensemble of toppings just as you’re meant to—she’s got this down pat and her creation looks so yummy. 

The simplicity of chocolate and berries was perfect for me and I relished the first few bites. About halfway through my yoghurt, I decided I was too full to finish it. 

I still finished it. Oops. 

I still think the combo of burgers and frozen yoghurt is a strange one, but it works oh so well. Brisbane’s gonna love it.

YOMG Chermside, Westfield Chermside, Outdoor Dining Precinct, Tenancy 1-R66/395 Hamilton Rd, Chermside QLD. p. (07) 3063 3799.

Elizabeth Best

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