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30 Mildly Devastating Moments We All Experience

We all have those times where it feels like luck is just not on our side. Here are 30 mildly devastating moments we all experience on these tragic and ill-fated days:

1. When you bite your tongue on the exact same spot that you bit it yesterday

2. When you’re wearing socks in the kitchen and step in a wet patch.

3. When you stub your toe on the walls and furniture.

4. When your phone falls and smashes the second you take it out of the case.

5. When you dunk a biscuit into your tea for too long and suddenly it’s gone forever.

6. When the last bit of the icey pole falls off the stick.

7. When you’re running late and every traffic light on the way is either red or turning red.

8. When you drop your food or spill your tea straight after making it.

9. When you think there’s one more cookie in the box, but there isn’t.

10. When somebody eats the leftovers that you were dreaming about eating all day.

11. When you see your bus drive past just as you reached the stop.

12. When you go all the way into university only to find out your class has been cancelled.

13. When you order something at a restaurant and the waiter comes back to say it’s sold out and you have no back up so it takes you ten more minutes to order.

14. When you’re about to leave the house and you spill something on your shirt.

15. When you paint your nails, then smudge them straight away.

16. When your favourite pair of pants are in the wash and you’ve forgotten how to style anything else in your wardrobe.

17. When you order clothes online and after two weeks of anticipation it finally arrives and doesn’t fit.

18. When you go to see a movie that’s already been out for a month, so you don’t think you need to pre-book, but you get there and it’s sold out.

19. When you think it’s Friday but it’s actually Thursday.

20. When you leave something in the Uber and it drives away just as you remember

21. When your phone runs out of battery halfway through taking a really nice photo.

22. When you heat up your food but it’s still cold when you take a bite.

23. When a really good TV show finishes one episode earlier than you thought and you didn’t have time to mentally prepare yourself for the end.

24. When Netflix won’t load.

25. When you see somebody wearing the same thing as you.

26. When you sneeze right after putting mascara on and it smudges all over your eyelids.

27. When you get in your car and there’s hardly any petrol in it because ‘past you’ said it was a problem for ‘future you’.

28. When you get home from the grocery store and realise you forgot the one thing that made you go in the first place.

29. When the toilet paper at your friend’s house runs out and you only realise once you’ve finished on the toilet.

30. When you realise that you could have been working or finishing an assignment off, but instead you just spent your time reading this list.  

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