7 Best Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls

Ahhh the perils of both wanting flawless skin and makeup and being a complete and utter sloth. It’s so hard to think about 10-step Korean beauty routines when all you wanna do is faceplant your bed at the end of the day. Well, worry no more, because I’ve compiled a list of lazy girl beauty hacks to underhaul your routine.

Problem: You can’t be bothered to take your makeup off
Solution: “Ugh can’t I just go to bed and take care of that in the morning?” You think? NO girl, wash ya face. If you really can’t be bothered to do a full cleanse, I got you: keep makeup wipes by your bed. No, they’re not the greatest for everyday use, and you should still cleanse as often as you can, but taking off your makeup with a wipe is 100 per cent better than nothing.

Problem: You overslept and can’t be bothered putting makeup on.
Solution: Taking off makeup? Haha, you don’t even have time to put it on. You like sleep (don’t we all) and so putting on a face in the morning isn’t top priority. But you also don’t want to look like the walking dead. But I have some cheats to help. Firstly, that lipstick of yours? It’s not just lipstick; rub a bit on your cheeks and kapow: instant blush. It can even be an eyeshadow and you’re whole face will look more alive and also match. If that’s not enough and you do want to do a full face, your must-have products should be: concealer, lippie on the lips and cheek and a swish of mascara.

Problem: Your eyes look so tired. (You actually are tired, but still, it’s a problem.)
Solution: You’ve either not had enough sleep, or had too much but one thing’s for sure: your eyes could do with looking a bit more awake. Get your hands on a nude eyeliner pencil. Line your waterline on the bottom lashes to instantly brighten eyes. Then go to town with a concealer under those peepers. Then no one will know you stayed up all night binging Netflix because you were too tired to move from couch to bed. 

Problem: You need to wash your hair but… you don’t want to.
Solution: This one is easy… dry shampoo. This spray-on magical powder substance will not only soak up your oil but it will give you mega volume, too. Hot tip? Apply it the night before and by morning there will be no trace of the powder OR oil because it will have had time to work its magic. Yep, you really did just wake up like this. 

Problem: You accidentally bought a foundation that’s too dark for your skin and you can’t be bothered hauling it back to the store.
Solution: This is my pet peeve. If you can’t face leaving the house again but your foundation looks a little too dark, mix it with a few drops of moisturiser to lighten it back up. It will also make your skin feel smoother so, you’re welcome.


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