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9 Ways To Avoid Chapped Lips This Winter

As soon as the temperature drops, your lips will bear the brunt of the weather change. Here’s how to keep them smooth and hydrated. 

         1. Do a weekly lip scrub
Lips are skin, so just like the skin they need a bit of exfoliation sometimes. Doing a lip scrub will help with cell turnover and ensure all those dry bits that you’re tempted to bite off stay at bay.

         2. Don’t leave home without lip balm
A good lip balm will not only repair damaged lips but it can prevent dryness to begin with. Having a layer of balm on wherever you go seals moisture in and puts a barrier between your mouth and the elements.

         3. Swap to a moisturising lipstick
Not a fan of balm, or having a fancy night out and need a bit more brightness that a balm can provide? Get a moisturising lippy. It hydrates while it gives a bright pop of colour to your pout!

         4. Go outside less
This one isn’t going to be so hard, as when the temp drops, so does our will to be outside. Staying rugged up indoors will help protect your lips and skin from the harsh outdoor conditions.

         5. Keep hydrated
It can be tempting to skip water since it’s chilly, but don’t. Regardless of whether the weather is steamy or cold, you still need to make sure you get enough water to keep your skin and therefore lips healthy.

         6. Include your lips in your nighttime skincare routine
Don’t just put on a night cream and be done with it. That’s a recipe for chapped lips just waiting to happen! Slather your lips with a good amount of lip balm before bed. This gives them a good barrier in case you breathe through your mouth at night, and in case the temperature drops further. A really good balm will also give your lips a good burst of hydration to help you fend off the elements during the day.

         7. Steer clear of these ingredients
Certain lip balms have ingredients that can feel like they’re soothing but actually dry your lips out in the long run, meaning you use more balm; great for the beauty companies, not so great for you. Before you hand over cash check the formula doesn’t contain camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, dyes, cinnamate, menthol or oxybenzone.

          8. Stop licking your lips 
It might feel like you really, really, REALLY want to lick your lips when they’re dry and flaky but STOP. This is one of the worst things you can do. Licking, or chewing off dead skin can make things oh so much worse: think cracked, bleeding lips. Just don’t.

         9. Control your climate indoors
If you’ve done all of the above but you’re still having issues with chapped lips, you might have an indoor dryness problem. Investing in a humidifier might be the way to go. Putting moisture back into dry air can not only help with your dry lips, but also keep your skin hydrated and work wonders for your lungs if you’re prone to seasonal asthma or respiratory problems.

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