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The Top 5 Simply Great Ideas For End Of Year Celebrations

The end of year is nigh. It’s the silly season, when the year winds down, and colleagues, friends and families come together for catchups to reminisce about the year that was and the year that will be. And whether End of Year Celebrations mean a large gathering of 50+ or not-so-large for five, these occasions are still significant for so many reasons. They’re memorable events to discuss over the water fountain for years to come, they make everyone feel important and understand their worth and value,  but most importantly, these events represent hope: the hope that the New Year will bring new energy and a new outlook to move forward. From the Sunshine Coast all the way down to the Gold Coast, there are a variety of ways to enjoy letting loose and living it up. But whatever the focus whether it be a dinner party, cocktail gathering or interactive affairs, we’ve got The Top 5 Simply Great Ideas For End Of Year Celebrations.

Hot Christmas nights can melt guests. Choose an air-conditioned venue or protected with undercover. A cocktail function should either have a stunning view or stylish atmosphere. 

Cater to suit guests and timing. A four-five hour event should have substantial canapés served early to finish with a lolly buffet or shredded pork sliders. Keep food simple, healthy and plentiful.

Keep décor simple. For stand up events, make sure there is scattered seating here or there, or organise a long table for an intimate dinner.

Keep the evening fun – End of Year Celebrations are not just a night out drinking. Provide entertainment, such as a photobooth, roulette wheel with funny money or a caricaturist for a momento. Trivia and party games are great as well.

Finish the event at the peak when guests have enjoyed the food, drink and entertainment. Try to avoid letting it go beyond – like when they are falling over the furniture.


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