Once upon a time, there was only lipstick with which to adorn our lips for a flush of colour. These days the choices are ENDLESS. OK not endless, but there sure are a lot of choices, all with different benefits. And let me tell you, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. Do I want a lipstick? A balm? Gloss? And what on earth is a lip oil? 

Pucker up, buttercups because we’re about to go through the different types of lip makeup and which one is best for you. It all depends on the effect you’re going for. 

1. Lip gloss

Shine, shine, shine baby! Lip gloss is all about that shine and maybe a little bit of colour to the lips. But not all glosses are liquid lip glass—there can also be opalescent, glittery, metallic finishes as well. We can also have clear, tinted and full colour glosses. The thing they all have in common is… well, gloss; a wet-lip look.

Lip glosses are generally thicker than other lip products and need to be applied more regularly. And before you ask, YES there are glosses that look shiny but won’t get your hair stuck in them on a windy day. Sticky glosses are banished to the ‘90s where they belong, because modern glosses have taken care of all that. Well, most of them. 

Good for: A shiny, sleek look that turns heads. 
Our favourite: Huda Faux Filler Lip Gloss ($33 from Sephora) 

Huda Faux Filler Elizabeth Best Photo
If you like the look of plump lips without the tingle of a plumper, Huda Beauty’s Faux Filler is for you.

Forget the sticky tacky glosses of the past: the formula has been overhauled and elevated with Huda Beauty’s new Faux Filler Gloss. Super shiny but also incredibly smooth and nourishing, this gloss actuall smooths out lips and blurs out fine lines, giving the lips a fuller look. It’s the filler effect without the tingling of a plumper, with colour that packs a punch. Non-stick, glassy and high shine lips that feel hydrated all day? That’s a big yes please from us.  

2. Lip plumper

We are living in a full lips era so it was only natural that beauty brands would find a way to give that injectable look without actually having to go near a needle. It’s a great way to try out a fuller look without a full commitment and has instant results. They work because they usually contain ingredients such as mint, ginger or pepper that give the lips a mild irritation and cause them to swell up a little. Look it SOUNDS not fun, but it’s usually quite mild and just makes the blood rush to the lips a little. Plumpers are usually in a glossy or balmy format, but not always Hot tip: apply the plumper in the middle of your makeup routine so they’re fully plumped by the time you’re done. 

Good for: People who want fuller lips temporarily, or want to try them out before committing to filler. 
Our favourite: Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump ($40 from Sephora) 

This all-in-1 plumping balm, gloss, colour and hydrating treatment features cushion comfort XL complex for a tingle-free plump effect. The balm moisturises and smoothens with hyaluronic acid and 10+ superfruits. The creamy formula feels comfy, never sticky or dry. Click, swipe and layer for plumped-up juicy colour.

3. Lip oil

There are a lot of similarities with lip gloss and lip oil in that they both leave a shiny sheen on the lips. But where gloss tends to be a thicker formula, oil is much thinner and less viscous. Lip oils also give more of a sheer colour concentration. But the key difference is that lip oils are actually skincare pretending to be makeup. As well as giving slick, sleek look, lip oils can help to lock in moisture and hydrate your lips even after the product has worn off. 

Good for: glossy hydration with a pop of colour. 
Our favourite: Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil ($48 from Mecca)

A super-moisturising formula with a luminous, sheer golden glow to enhance your lip’s natural color. Crafted with our unique proprietary Mirsalehi Honey and exclusive Bee Garden Oil Blend to seamlessly glide and melt into lips and deliver the high-shine of a gloss with zero stickiness in just one swipe.

4. Lipstick

When we think lip makeup, the first thing that would come to mind for most people is lipstick. And in the beginning that meant full coverage, bold colour, but now we’ve got so many different finishes to choose from. Now you can get matte, glaze, lustre, shimmer, satin, or sheer. The goal of all lipsticks remains the same however: colour, colour, colour. 

Good for: Full lip colour in a whole lot of different finishes. 
Our favourites: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick ($54)

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Icon Lipsticks Embrace Brisbane Elizabeth Best
Just try to take your eyes of these lip beauties from Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury knows the power of a really good lipstick, and her new Hollywood Beauty Icon collection uses all her knowledge of what makes celeb-worthy lips. She’s studied shading and sculpting effects of old Hollywood cinematic lighting tricks and added them to this new and covetable collection. Expect flattering shades that almost sculpt the lips and use light deflecting pigments to make lips look smoother and fuller. With the focus firmly on neutral playful pinks and high-impact classic reds, the range also features a mix of textures, from a satin-shimmer shine of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G finish to the boldness of Matte Revolution. Plus the staying power is A+. CT lippie is legendary for a reason. 

5. Lip balm

The focus on this product is skincare over aesthetics but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have pretty balm. Balms are salves used to soothe the skin. These can be scented, flavoured, tinted or natural. Usually with a wax-like consistency, lip balms will relieve conditions such as dry or chapped lips as well as helping moisturise your pout. Nourishment from these formulas will generally come from ingredients such as shea butter, natural oils and/or beeswax. Not only do these help relieve irritation but they also work as a barrier protecting lips from further damage.

Good for: soothing sore lips, protecting from damage.
Our favourite: TIE Dermal Therapy Lip Balm ($6.50)

It’s no wonder one of these lip balms sells every 15 seconds. It’s time to say goodbye to dry and chapped lips. Dermal Therapy Lip Balm Original offers a clinically tested, fast acting formula with intensive hydration to increase lip moisture, alleviate dryness and discomfort. It is the best lip balm to heal severely dry, cracked lips.

Our favourite: TIE Lanolips 101 Ointment (from $14.95)
A lip balm that’s a serious multitasker. As well as being a saviour of chapped lips everywhere, this miracle balm can be used pretty much anywhere you have dry chapped skin. Extreme hydration for anywhere you need it: elbows, cuticles, dry skin anywhere. 

6. Lip mask

Just like a face mask, lip masks are a treatment to restore hydration to your lips. Even better, it can happen while you sleep. Formulas normally have healing ingredients such as cocoa butter and oils, as well as super hydrators such as hyaluronic acid. The ingredients in masks are usually much stronger than any other lip products—emollients to smooth, antioxidants to hydrate, and occlusives to lock in moisture. 

These are designed to be applied before bed so the mask has maximum time to do its thing and you wake up with softer, and sometimes plumper lips.  

Good for: getting the perfect pout through your beauty sleep.
Our favourite: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ($31 from Sephora)

This global best-selling overnight lip mask maximises hydration for a smooth and supple pout.Apply at night and wake up with soft, smooth lupus thanks to a berry fruit complex to gently melt away dead skin cells, as well as vitamin C and coconut oil to soothe lips while sealing in hydration.

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