Everyone’s favourite frozen yoghurt joint has just unveiled another drool-worthy collaboration to hit that sweet spot—and it means all nonnas (grandmas) get free Yo-Chi!

A Yo-Chi x Pistachio Papi collaboration is hitting all Yo-Chi venues next month, and the word on the street is that you better get in QUICK before it sells out. And to celebrate the in-demand collab, Yo-Chi is inviting all nonnas receiving free frozen yoghurt (up to the value of $12!).  Taking place on Sunday 21st April, anyone visiting any Yo-Chi venue is invited to Share The Chi with the golden oldies in their lives, with all nonnas receiving free Yo-Chi on the day. In the true spirit of Pistachio Papi’s recognition of his hardworking nonnas, Yo-Chi is throwing its doors open for all nonnas to come and feel the appreciation, and to of course enjoy two of the country’s most iconic treats. 

A full tub of yo-chi frozen yoghurt covered in Pistachio Papi spread sits underneath a glass cloche with a hand poised to lift it.
Presenting… Pistachio Papi x Yo-Chi!

Known for creating around the block queues of fans desperate for a pistachio fix, Pistachio Papi’s previous collaborations have been sell out successes and social media sensations. Bringing their green goodness to Yo-Chi for a limited time, Papi and Yo-Chi fans alike are expected to go (pistachio) nuts for this partnership too. 

We went in to try some of the pistachio spread and let us tell you, it’s DIVINE. It’s kind of like a pistachio-flavoured Ice Magic—it goes on as a warm, lush spread and when it sits on the the froyo for a bit, it creates a delicious hardened shell. We reckon it tastes like pistachio white chocolate and we are here for it. 

Yo-Chi, Australia’s fastest-growing and favourite frozen yogurt and açai brand, is known as much for its huge queues of customers as it is for its delicious products, something it has in common with cult brand Pistachio Papi. Also known for creating queues around the block, Pistachio Papi collaborations are fan favourites, so people should get in early for the limited-time roll out of the country’s favourite pistachio spread topping to all Yo-Chi venues.

A close up shot of warm Pistachio Papi spread dripping off a swirl of frozen yoghurt.
A truly drool-worthy collab.

From the 14th of April for a limited time only, the collaboration between the two cult Australian food brands will run until the Pistachio Papi topping sells out (which is very likely!) or until 26th of May. 

Made from 100% Italian pistachio nuts, Pistachio Papi’s famous smooth and creamy spread will be available on a warm plate at all Yo-Chi toppings bars, and is the perfect pairing for Yo-Chi’s high-quality frozen yogurt flavours including Strawberry or Signature Tart, or with their açai blend. And despite the Nonna’s protests for Nutella to be reconsidered as a spread, Chi-lovers will be comforted knowing that Nutella will still feature on the topping bar as another possible addition to their creations. 

Yo-Chi is available at several locations, see them all here.  

Elizabeth Best

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