Book of Love is about a struggling author of a boring book released in the UK that no one buys who finds out that his book is soaring up the bestseller charts in Mexico. During a book tour to capitalise on his unexpected success, he realises why – his translator has made it a bit spicier, essentially rewriting the whole novel.

I really enjoyed Book of Love. I went in expecting a romantic comedy, but to be honest I didn’t expect just how much I would be laughing throughout the whole thing. This is a great fun, feel-good flick and a great way to spend your time.

Is it a classic love story for the ages? uh, no. Is it a cinematic masterpiece,? uh, no.

So, the reviews for this film have been pretty mixed. To be honest, all of the reviews I have seen have been fair. It isn’t the most original film, although I haven’t seen that premise before. The budget could have been improved, and although the acting is great – I feel as though they had ‘settled’ for actors – this film would commercially benefit from the star power of someone like Hugh Grant or Colin Firth, alongside Sofia Vergara or Salma Hayek.

From a feminist perspective, I struggled with the theme that the more talented minority female doesn’t get the credit and financial rewards that she obviously deserves, but if you put all that aside (it is how the world often works to be honest)- it is an enjoyable film.

Book of Love stars  Sam Claflin and Veronica Echegui. It is directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor (Treading Water, Voz De Un Ueno). It has currently been released in cinemas across Australia.

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