Living in Jindalee, seeing a wild deer wander down the street, stopping to chomp on the nature strip every once in a while is a familiar, if somewhat quirky sight. Although I have never stopped to think about why we have wild deer roaming the suburbs of Brisbane.

Matty Acton from B105 saw deer on his way home on Tuesday and since then he’s been obsessed as to how wild deer ended up in Brisbane. After asking the people of Brisbane – there were some far-fetched theories, but it seems as though they have finally gotten to the bottom of it. According to local legend, there was a deer farm in Pullenvale owned by a couple who ended up in a messy split, and as part of her revenge, the jilted wife released the deer. This morning they spoke to the OWNER of the deer farm in the story, who confirmed it was his mother in law who released the deer.

Mystery solved.

And it’s a fabulous urban myth!

Listen to the audio here:

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