Get ready to shake up your Autumn with Casa Chow’s exciting new cocktail menu! This marks the first cocktail update since Casa Chow opened its doors in 2021, and they are excited to introduce guests to a whole new world of flavours and experiences.

As the days and nights get cooler, Casa Chow is rolling out a vibrant array of seasonal libations, featuring innovative twists on classic cocktails and bold new creations that promise to deliver a flavourful adventure. Namely, we need a moment to appreciate the star of Casa Chow’s cocktail lineup—the iconic Pisco Sour. Originating from Peru, Pisco is a unique grape-based spirit that undergoes a meticulous production process to achieve its unparalleled purity and flavour with three styles of Pisco that can be produced—Puro (single grape variety), Mosto Verde (meaning ‘Green Must’ distilled from partially fermented young wine) and Ancholada (blend of grape varietals). With Casa Chow’s signature Pisco Sour Menu, every sip is a journey to the heart of South America. 

Aimee Duroux casa chow
It’s Pisco Sour time at Casa Chow!

I tried the Purple Rain Pisco Sour and it was truly unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Featuring pineapple skin barsol quebranta, chicha morada, hibiscus sugar, fresh lime, whites and Caribbean spiced bitters, this was a fresh and exceedingly well blended cocktail. It was the kind of drink that made you think, is there even alcohol in this? My partner ordered the Laguna Paron (barsol quebranta, massenez elderflower, blueberry syrup, fresh lime, huacatay, blue spirulina and mint bitters) and was equally impressed.

In addition to the exciting cocktail offerings, Casa Chow offers Chifa cuisine—the delicious result of blending Peruvian and Chinese culinary traditions, born from Chinese immigrants settling in Peru and adapting their dishes to local ingredients. It’s a celebration of cultural collision and evolution, resulting in a truly distinctive and lively dining experience. My pick of the night was the angus scotch fillet skewer. I would have been very happy if that’s all that was on offer – it was delicious! The accompaniment of chili oil and cilantro was a simple yet innovative addition to the dish. Throughout the night, we also tried the salted cucumber, mushroom bao buns, empanadas and chinese bbq mushroom skewers. We had intended on trying the vegetable fried rice, but the portions of everything else were so generous, we couldn’t fit another bite!

casa chow aimee duroux
The atmosphere at Casa Chow is a slay.

I can’t talk about Casa Chow without mentioning the incredible design and architecture of the restaurant. The South American influence met with touches of Chinese charm creates an ambiance unlike many other venues that exist in Brisbane. Upon entry, you are transported to a world of colour, taste and refinement. The service was also top notch—the staff were attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. 

 It’s well worth heading to Woolloongabba to visit this Peruvian and Chinese slice of paradise. I know I’ll definitely be heading back – there wasn’t any way I’d be able to try all twenty-one cocktail variants in one sitting!

Casa Chow, South/City/Sq, 4b/148 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, p. 1300 185 730

Aimee Duroux

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