Artist and producer Christian Ruiz has recently released Miss You; soothing electronic pop detailing unexpected connections alongside calm hooks and airy vocals. This is Christian’s debut single as a solo artist and morphs hints of
The Weeknd, Ryan Tedder and Justin Bieber. We recently caught up with Christian to chat about Miss You.

You have had a quite varied music career, what work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of meeting and being offered a contract from one of my producer heroes, Zaytoven. I took a lot of risks flying to Atlanta multiple times not knowing him from a bar of soap. But my vision came to fruition from believing in myself and chasing after it.

You have recently moved back to Australia – what did you miss about Australia the most when you were away? 

Out of everything in Australia I missed my family the most! Video calls are great but never the same as being with people in person. It was awesome being able to see them again when coming back!

What was the inspiration behind Miss You? 

A confusing but exciting dynamic between myself and a special girl was the inspiration behind “Miss You” . It’s about denying how you really feel, but the end of the song does conclude with finally admitting those feelings.

What’s next for you?

I am planning to release another single in the coming months and may even be releasing an album.. Keep your eyes peeled for more soon!

Watch the music video for Miss You below.

YouTube video

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