I’ve been curious about CoolSculpting since forever. I mean, who wouldn’t want to find a magical science-y non-invasive solution to losing those few stubborn extra lumps and bumps. So when I found myself sporting a post-lockdown extra kilo or three, I decided to take the leap and see what this fat freezing procedure could do for my wobbly bits thanks to the amazing staff at Laser Clinics Australia Indooroopilly.

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Here’s me excited and nervous at Laser Clinics Indooroopilly.

What is CoolSculpting?

 CoolSculpting is the official brand name of a non-invasive, non-surgical method of freezing and eliminating fat cells in certain stubborn areas of the body.

I’ve heard both amazing and not so great things about CoolSculpting so it’s really important to talk to your therapist to see if the treatment is right for you. As with any treatment it comes with risks that you will need to discuss before you begin your journey. 

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How does CoolSculpting work? 

CoolSculpting, also known as cryptolisis, freezes fat cells under the skin, killing them and breaking them down in the process. The process uses different sized “paddles” that “vacuum” your fat into a suction part of the device and then cool it to freezing point. 

These frozen fat cells essentially die, and are naturally eliminated from the body. 

My CoolSculpting experience

Look, no one likes to talk about popping on a few extra kilos and I am no exception. It was a hard choice to decide to do this procedure, to write about it and to have the photos for all to see. 

IMG 4825
Not me trying to look comfy while a vacuum sucks and freezes my fat.

For me, the weight came largely after changing up my medication (thanks poly-cystic ovaries!). And when I got my butt into gear to counteract the effects, there were stubborn areas that wouldn’t budge. So I found myself at Laser Clinics Australia Indooroopilly, with my lovely therapist Nikki explaining how the CoolSculpting was going to work.

I am not going to lie, I was extremely nervous. In the room there were big machines with large cables, not to mention a foam head-placement thing that resembled one of those things they strap you into after a car crash. 

I might have been biting my nails as Nikki explained to me what each instrument was going to do, what it would feel like, and what I needed to do. She did a fab job of calming me down and really breaking down the science of what was going to happen, as well as what it would feel like. 

Then, it was time. Firstly, she strapped one of the paddles to the underside of my chin, velcroed me into the head support thing-y and asked me if I was ready. 3, 2, 1… go. 

My thoughts went a bit like this. “Oh that’s weird, it’s vacuuming my fat into it. Ok… this isn’t too bad. I can deal with this. Oh, geez that’s cold. Oh MAN that STINGS. OW, MOTHER OF… Oh OK it’s gone numb and I can’t really feel it now. This is fine. Bit uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as I was thinking. I can do this!”

The trickiest thing was finding a comfortable position to sit in during the half an hour or so I had to sit there. Every time I shifted, the previously numb area would tug a little, and if I didn’t shift I felt a little stiff. But it was incredibly manageable compared to other treatments I have had. 

What I wasn’t expecting was how much the afterwards would ache. When Nikki unstrapped me, she told me to brace for the massage she was about to give me. I was like, “what? Who needs to brace for a massage?” Me. I needed to. 

As she massaged the area, breaking up the clump of LITERALLY FROZEN FAT under my chin, I felt what I can only describe as the worst pins and needles of my life. As the numbness faded I could feel the fat icicles breaking up under my skin and… look, it wasn’t pleasant. 

It was a case of rinse and repeat for the other side of my chin, and then each arm (which I could do at the same time). The arms hurt less because it was a lot easier to get comfy and ride it out. But that massage after… eep. 

In the days after, I had minor swelling and no bruising at all. As suggested by Nikki, I kept the areas compressed when I could, as it eased the small discomfort I felt. 

I was sort of worried in the first few weeks as everything looked a tiny bit bigger, but as the following weeks showed, that was just the post-procedure tenderness showing. 

The verdict

Well, see for yourself. This is both before, and eight weeks after I had CoolSculpting.


As you can see from the images, I DEFINITELY lost fat from around the chin area. I feel like I have my jawline back again. It can be a real hit to the confidence when you put weight on unexpectedly so it’s so nice to have a face looking back at me in the mirror that’s closer to what I remembered. 

And then check out my arms! They’re minus a couple of precious centimetres, which just makes ALL the difference.. You can see when you look around the elbow area that the “drop” in the first picture is markedly smaller than post CoolSculpting.

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All in all I am quite pleased with the results. Would I do more CoolSculpting? Definitely! Would a take a Panadol beforehand? Probably. 

CoolSculpting is only available at select Laser Clinics Australia and I can certainly vouch for the excellent team at Indooroopilly, click here for more information.


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