I feel deeply as though Cruel Intentions: the 90’s Musical was made for me. I love the movie and have watched it a few too many times, and I was in high school during the 90’s, so songs of that era were literally the soundtrack of my life. So obviously I was going to truly, madly, deeply love watching Cruel Intentions brought to life as a 90’s musical. But is it still worth watching if you are not in the ‘target demographic’?

What’s is it?

Cruel Intentions: the 90’s musical is touring the country and is coming to Gold Coast HOTA 19-29 this January. Based on the raunchy teen revenge movie of the same name, it stays very true to the original plot and script, with the addition of well-known 90’s pop and rock tunes.

Should I watch the movie before I see the musical?

The movie was/is amazing (albeit rather confronting, and a bit problematic). Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reece Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe, Selma Blair, and Joshua Jackson the movie explored themes such as revenge porn, consent, and manipulation. When I saw the musical in Brisbane I happened to be seated near a group who were experiencing it for the first time, based on all of the laughs, shock, and audible gasps. I think it would definitely be more fun to watch the musical first, and then after you are hooked on what a great tale this is – go binge on the movie.

If I have already seen the movie, then why should I see the musical?

Like I have mentioned, I have seen the movie a few times… ok, more than a few. I know the plot, I know the dialogue. It is like an old friend at this point. However watching the musical, what song the characters would sing was a fun surprise, and brought a new fun element to a beloved classic.

Is it any good?

OMG, we saw the Brisbane show and it is amazing. The acting was spot on (especially the portrayal of the naive Cecile), and the entire cast sung and dance up a storm. Book your tickets here

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