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Dan Pappas: The Fonzie Abbott Frenzy

Growing up in the hospitality business is something Dan Pappas is familiar with, and as the director of Fonzie Abbott, he credits his love for surfing and coffee with the birth of his Espresso Bar on James Street. It’s that passion that sees him opening a second location for coffee lovers in Albion. “Fonzie Abbott basically came about because I didn’t like working,” Dan says. “My family was always involved in hospitality, but I enjoyed the coffee side of things more. I also really loved surfing and wanted to travel. So I thought I’d combine everything together and try and surf in every country that had good coffee because there’d definitely be good waves.” Chasing waves and beans in locations like Indonesia, Hawaii and Central America solidified Dan’s dream of bringing exceptional coffee back home. “There are no frills about Fonzie Abbott. We’ve just got great quality beans,” Dan points out. He also credits the success of his James Street location to his staff, for making customers happy enough that they don’t want to leave. “It’s about a simple friendly handshake and like-minded people. We enjoy being serious in business but not too serious in life.”

Operating a genuine boutique coffee hang gives Dan the opportunity to open his second location to the public with a roaster in Albion. “The Fox Street Roastery will mainly be a showroom for our specialty coffee,” Dan says. “More people will be able to buy their beans directly from us. The Espresso Bar will be there where the guys will be roasting, and there’ll be food offerings.” But what really sets the Fox Street apart is that every second Saturday, customers can book in for a twenty-minute slot to roast their own beans and make their own blend. “If people don’t want to be as hands-on,” Dan points out, “the boys can do it while they wait and enjoy a free coffee. At the end of it, they’ll walk away with three kilos of their very own blended coffee and a smile on their face.”

While Fonzie Abbott will continue as Brisbane’s go-to place for top quality coffee, Dan says he intends to make his mark as a boutique venue. “It’s about long term quality and great service,” Dan outlines. “I only serve what I want to drink and I’ll keep trying to find my perfect blend. While Dan continues to make plans for Fonzie Abbott, he says the Fox Street Roastery is shaping up to be something special. “Come in,” Dan invites. “Enjoy the coffee and spread the love we have for Fonzie Abbott.”

Fonzie Abbott Fox Street Roastery
2/45 Crosby Road, Albion
07 3162 7552

Photographer: Jack Kortlang

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