Chasing all the good feelings in these troubled times? Then chase them right down to Dopamine Land, a new immersive, interactive museum dedicated to happiness.

Located in Uptown (formerly the Myer Centre), in Brisbane’s CBD the much-anticipated immersive wonderland promises to transport guests into a realm of boundless imagination and nostalgic marvel. 

A room with lit up squares of different colours on the floor surrounded by mirrors.
Each room has a different theme.

The experience invites visitors of all ages to embark on an adventure through an enchanting interactive museum, where every corner is a celebration of the experiences and encounters that provide us humans with the “happiness hormone” we are forever chasing—dopamine!

From optical illusions to mesmerising soundscapes, each of the ten themed rooms offer a symphony of sensations, creating the ultimate sensory overload.

A green forest room featuring artificial trees and grass.
Keep calm and have a zen forest moment.

There are several rooms full of delights to tickle the senses and evoke a sense of childlike wonder including:

  • Musical Tiles, a kinetic and audio experience encouraging creativity through music and light
  • The Keep Calm Forest, an artificial recreation of a serene woodland featuring LED trees with a tranquil, meditative atmosphere; and
  •  Lucid Dreams, a visual journey into the realms of visual ASMR and vivid dreaming
  • Pillow Fight, an interactive pillow fight with a photo opportunity inspired by lolly boxes, marshmallows, and Mexican wrestling.
  • The Ball Pit, a nostalgic playground reminiscent of 1980s Miami, featuring a glowing horizon, soft play pits, and pulsating LED lighting evoking the waves of the Caribbean, with 80s electro beats and the scent of Pina Coladas.
  • And more!
A ball pit filled with white balls is surrounded by a miami beach mural with a neon sun.
Everyone loves a ball pit.

Get your phone ready because there are loads of opportunities to get a snap or four for the ‘gram. It’s a TikTokkers paradise and sure to be the star of your latest profile picture.

Tickets are on sale here.

Dopamine Land, Level Q, Uptown, 91 Queen Street, Brisbane City. Ticket prices start at $18.

Elizabeth Best

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