Double cleansing has been around for a long time but is seeing a renewed push from enthusiasts this year. Almost a year from working from home has put our makeup kits on the back-burner and shone the spotlight firmly on skincare, and with it, the importance of double cleansing. But what exactly is it? Why do we need to clean our skin twice? Is it really worth the extra time? 

What Is Double Cleansing? 

Well, it’s really all in the name: double cleansing literally means cleansing twice, often with two different types of cleansers. This enables a deeper, more effective/thorough cleanse. This form of cleansing is extremely popular in French, Korean and skincare regimens and allows you to maximise the cleansing benefits as well as increase the benefits of any serums, moisturisers and potions you put on your skin afterwards.

How Do You Double Cleanse? 

This method of cleaning your face usually involves two different types of cleanser. First up, you wanna take a cleansing oil, cleansing milk, balm or micellar water. This step will break down anything you currently have on your face: makeup, SPF, sebum etc. Then you move on to a second cleanse with your regular cleanser and water. If you don’t have two types of cleanser at your fingertips, simply cleaning your face twice will work in a pinch. 

Why Should I Do It?  

If you were to just do this in one step, the first cleanse would remove makeup, SPF, nasties from the air that your face has absorbed all day but your pores would remain unclean and those dead skin cells still clinging on. After cleanse number one, your skin is free from external barriers, leaving the way clear for cleanse number two to get deep into your pores and REALLY clean, you know? That second cleanse is all about removing sweat, bacteria and impurities, which you can now get to thanks to having removed the makeup/SPF/easy dead skin cells barrier. 

Not only that, but cleansing twice ensures that anything that wasn’t removed in the first cleanse (including leftover cleanser residue that could block pores) is rinsed off. 

The end result is skin that’s clean, pure and ready to best absorb your subsequent skincare products so you can glow up and show up! 


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