Dubmarine: The Winning Sounds of Dubmarine

Without a doubt, Dubmarine are a musical propulsion all to themselves. Taking dub, dancehall, reggae and drum n bass with plenty of rock attitude and all the aspirations of cabaret with a cross-cultural appeal, this Brisbane based nine-piece-powerhouse presents a theatrical electronic musical experience that is larger-than-life. And with such talents covering the spectrum of the musical rainbow, Dubmarine’s finesse were recognised last night in the Urban category of the 2015 Queensland Music Awards.

Each year, the QMAs provide opportunities for musicians across the state to have their music heard by the ears of key music industry players and a national audience of millions. The QMAs uncovers, recognises and raises the profile of Queensland’s up-and-coming music talent. And with a star-studded cast of local artists, Dubmarine stood out for their rare talents live on stage and from the studio. 

Dubmarine utilise all their dynamism, from the lushness of spoken word, rhymes and melodies from indigenous virtuoso D-Kazman, soaring vocals and harmonies of Billie Weston, Paul Watson on bass, Paul Donehue on percussion, Jeremie Nagabbo on guitar, Joel Alexander on drums, Mikael Strand on trombone, and Sanjay ‘Jude’ Jude on keys and synths to form a highly original sound. It’s incredibly unique, fusing modern electronica with the organic, taking traditional and grassroots tastes while melding classical training with street smarts for a sound that is truly cutting edge and contemporary. This is the ultimate in world music, where cultural rituals – both ethnic, traditional and modern – fuse for a wonderland of musical treats and beats. This is Parliament Funkadelic of the new age – just as grandiose, more innovative and just as quirky.

The Brisbane based outfit have played virtually every festival around Australia, from Dreaming Festival to Good Vibrations and Bluesfest. While their sound is glorious, their live presence is extraordinary as their superlative musical talents comes to the forefront for a presence that is prodigious and evocative in every way. While they are best enjoyed live, their vitality in performance and sound still manage to be conveyed through their youtube clips. MyCityLife sit down and trawl through the most impressive clips of this unique ethnically electronica outfit to aptly capture The Winning Sounds of Dubmarine.

Beat In Control
Soaring horns with profound bass, delicious vocal harmonies offset by exuberant rhymes is charged with scenes of antique divers breakdancing along a rocky desert in an alien world. This latest clip is indicative of their clean exuberant edge.

Point The Bone
Certainly one of their more recognised songs, Point The Bone retains all the quality of bad juju, referencing the indigenous cultures that inspired this track, triggered by a lush reggae format. It also comes in Animated form here

None The Wiser
Recorded by Magoo and the Dubmarine team, the horns on this alone are notes of phonic pleasure, though watching Billie and D-Kazman work it in front of the cameras – Billie decidedly Specie like at one stage – in a variety of leather outfits makes for a very cool mind-bending video. This is also the video that won them the title for the urban cateogry – way cool.

Unconditional Love | A Pop Up Performance
True musicianship needs no stage or special effects. It simply is. And seeing these guys in an ‘unplugged’ and acoustic setting with all their musical skills at the forefront is quite spectacular. The harmonies of Billie and DKaz working together remains rather special. Seeing DKaz and Billie ‘uncloaked’ is quite the treat too.

Firestarter (The Prodigy) Live
All the wrath and scorn of The Prodigy is perfectly encapsulated in this recording of a live performance. All the magic of those synths, samplers, drum machines, instruments forming a horse shoe around Billie and DKazman is quite exhilarating. While the full force of their musicality is best enjoyed live, if this is as live as you get to with them, then turn up the sound and rock out


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