I love using a facial roller and cryo roller in my routine but one of the top questions I get asked when friends see them on my bedside table is “Um… What are they for?” So many things, not the least of which is that it’s so darn RELAXING. 

I decided to consult the experts at CurrentBody Skin to talk through the benefits of each tool, and how to get the most out of them.

Enter Emily Buckwell, Brand Manager and Head of Partnerships at CurrentBody Skin to give us the juicy details on why you should use these tools and how to best incorporate them into your routine. 

What exactly are facial rollers and cryo rollers?

Facial rollers and their frosty companions cryo rollers are beauty tools designed to roll on your face for massage-y and skincare benefits. Facial rollers, previously most common in rose quartz or jade but now made of all sorts of materials normally have two roller bars (top and bottom, mini rolling pin style) or two rounder roller balls in a Y shape. 

Cryo rollers (sometimes called ice rollers) are designed to be used COLD, like out of the fridge or freezer. They usually contain some kind of liquid or gel in the roller portion that can be cooled or frozen. Think of it as a portable ice bath for your face.  

What are the benefits of facial rolling? 

Emily says there are loads of benefits to using one (or both!) of these tools in your current skincare routine. “The Face Sculptor [CurrentBody Skin’s stainless steel version of a facial roller] can be used daily to reduce puffiness, brighten and tone dull complexions, boost circulation and relax facial tension,” she explains. “It can be paired with any of your existing skincare products and only takes a few minutes to use. With continued use, the Face Sculptor will actively stimulate collagen production leaving you with a toned and sculpted appearance.”

It also feels really darn good and helps me with my facial tension (jaw clencher, anyone?)

Face Sculptor 1

What are the benefits of cryo rolling? 

Then, you have the frosty miracle worker, the CurrentBody Skin Cryo Roller. “When using the Cryo Roller you’re delivering sub-zero temperatures to your skin,” Emily says.

“The intense cold causes your blood vessels to contract and your pores to tighten. Once the skin returns to its normal temperature, the blood vessels dilate quickly causing an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen, which makes the skin glow look more vibrant.” Not to mention the generally amazing de-puffing; I always have a cool-as-ice roller in my freezer for use after my allergies flare up (or after a big night out!).


How do you use these tools properly? 

Emily says it’s super easy to use both of these tools, and they hardly take any time at all. “After storing it in the freezer, roll the CurrentBody skin Cryo Roller over the face and body to instantly de-puff, plump and brighten your skin. 

“You can use it to soothe any muscle aches in your body and minimise water retention as well.”

And then when it comes to the Face Sculptor, it’s all about outward movement “To boost circulation and increase blood and oxygen flow in your skin, roll the CurrentBody skin Face Sculptor in outward strokes. Rolling it upwards towards your ears will help with lymphatic drainage – draining toxins and reducing puffiness in the face.”


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