Fear Fans Beware Fright Night Has the Scares

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife, back on 17 September 2019

Halloween is around the corner and there is only one question: What are you and your friends going to do?

It can be hard to top last year’s costume party, but Warner Bros Movie World has you covered with their 2019 Fright Night maze line-up announcements and this year’s line-up is set to send a shiver down your spine.

The event will run every Saturday and Friday from the Saturday September 28 until Saturday October 26 for 9 nights of scare-filled fun. Prey, we mean guests, will be welcomed past the gates at 6pm where they can enjoy the magic of Movie World after dark until the park’s close at 10pm.


This year’s mazes span newly released films, original mazes and, classic horror all at maximum thrill level to satisfy horror fans.

Fans of the most recent film re-imagining of Stephen King’s IT can rejoice as the IT Maze is certain to capture the fear of those who dare enter. With IT Chapter Two released on Thursday September 5, the maze is set to immerse you into the most terrifying scenes from the franchise across 17 rooms (who knew we could be so terrified of projectors?). The IT Maze will see you facing Pennywise with your own Losers Club in tow as you fight to survive his horrific illusions. Like all Fright Night mazes, there will be graphic content within this maze that may confront guests but it’s all SFX, right?

The Zombie Land Double Tap: Maze takes the long-awaited sequel for Zombie Land, which debuts on Thursday October 17, and creates a zombie apocalypse simulator for you to roam (haven’t you always wanted to know if you’d survive?). Promising to celebrate both the horror and humour of the franchise, the maze will tickle your funny bone and then scare you out of your skin. Zombie Land Double Tap: Maze picks up the journey of Columbus and Tallahassee, bringing you with them through 10-themed rooms to escape hordes of the undead. The maze will leave you reciting the rules of survival and clinging to rule #9 (in this situation we trust the buddy system).11 wbmwd1907927 dollhaus

11 wbmwd1907927 dollhaus

The newest edition to the Fright Night family is the Doll Haus Maze, an original concept that invites you into the world of Herman Schuster, a once esteemed doll maker now turned sinister. Schuster’s dolls have gone from porcelain to looking more realistic and there are rumours of missing villagers nearby. Still, you enter his workshop and it’s up you to avoid a place on his shelf.

Continuing the train of crazed killers, the Leatherface Maze is back in 2019 for the last time. Feel your heartbeat quicken as you run into none other Leatherface and be careful because he is out for blood. Be immersed in the 1974 classic, Texas Chainsaw Massacre as you outrun and outlast the Sawyer family. Beware: this maze is not for those with a weak stomach.

The final maze also returning in 2019 for the final year is the House of Kain Maze. House of Kain opens the doors to the Kain Hotel where those who are innocent are corrupted and travellers are forced to stay to encounter their worst fears. This maze is nothing like the five-star hotel you stayed in on your last trip but it sure will be memorable!25 card hypernight

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As well as the mazes, the thrill rides: the DC Rivals Hypercoaster, family-favourite Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation, Batwing Spaceshot, Doomsday Destroyer, Green Lantern Coaster, Superman Escape and Arkham Asylum Coaster are open at night for the bravest of thrill-seekers.

The Ultimate Terror Tour is available for guests to enjoy fast track for selected mazes and rides, pre-event drinks, canapes and buffet dinner, the behind the scenes terror tour and exclusive scare experience amongst other extras.

The park will be split into four precincts: Hellborn (we can’t wait to check out their live band), Nightmares, Baby Face Killers and Dead West.

Attention real daredevils and those with an interest in the macabre, there is also Grave Death which puts you through the experience of being prepared for burial. That’s right you’ll end up in a coffin (if only we were brave enough)!

For those looking for a more specialised scare, there are four unique panic rooms each with their own horrifying story and each with their own twists and terror.

Put on your best brave face and join us for a Fright Night you’ll never forget!

What: Warner Brothers Movie World Fright Night 2019
When: 6pm – 10pm, every Friday and Saturday from Saturday September 28- Saturday October 26
Tickets from $49


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