It may be a controversial opinion, but Tacos are the best food. We often find ourselves craving them at work or whilst reheating last week’s leftovers. If you’ve felt the same, then this list is for you. We’ve mapped out some of Brisbane’s best eateries to help you get your taco fix and satisfy your hunger for the crunch of a corn tortilla snack.

  1. Mucho Mexicano

Mucho Mexicano in Southbank is home to a variety of tacos, hoping to satisfy your tastebuds. If you are the kind of person to add extras to your meal these topping-filled tacos are tailored made for you to devour. With flavours such as sticky wagyu beef green Mole with fried onions, and pumpkin & haloumi with avocado and crema pepitas you can bet we will be grabbing a trio of tacos for $22. And for those with room in their stomach, The Mother of All Tacos is the challenge. There are so many flavours to choose from, you’ll have to bring a team along to try them all (taco team anyone?).

  1. Comuna Cantina

Looking for something to counter the crunch? Comuna Cantina’s soft-shell corn tortillas will be more your thing. With unique flavours such as coconut-crumbed crispy fish tacos and Jalapeno Chicken, the Brisbane City restaurant takes a different spin on the traditional taco (and we’re here for it). Plus, vegetarians will rejoice! There are two mouth-watering options for you including crunchy halloumi and the newest edition, crumbed cauliflower. Sounds delicious!

  1. Cheeky Poke Bar

Another café taking a spin on the taco recipe is the Cheeky Poke Bar, but this time it’s up to you! Try one of their signature tacos, where you’ll get the choice between a nori taco or a wonton taco as your base before it’s up to you to add the protein and sauce of your choice. There are nine combinations and with options such as prawn marinated in lemon and oil with sriracha mayo, tuna with sisho aioli, and mushroom with beetroot hummus you’ll want to return and try them all (we certainly do!).

  1. Bloodhound Corner Bar and Kitchen

Bloodhound Corner Bar and Kitchen in Fortitude Valley gets that tacos are more than just finger food. In fact, tacos can have a bit of character. Just ask the Hillbilly Chilli or the Achy Breaky Heart taco (we didn’t know an Achy Breaky Heart would taste of artichoke, but it tastes really good). Plus, with traditional favourites such as the Del Perro (dark ale braised shredded beef) and Al Pastor taco (pulled pork), you’ll have a bit of fun taking your pick.

  1. La Quinta Mexican Café y Bar

La Quinta Mexican Café y Bar has raised the bar (see what we did there) when it comes to tacos. Their fancy taco bar has a variety of flavours such as spicy roasted pumpkin with corn, pepitas and goats curd; hickory-smoked chicken with avocado, tomatoes, chipotle mayo;and barbacoa slow-cooked lamb with tomatillo salsa and slaw. How much for a taco? Each taco is $8.50, and you can get 3 tacos for $23. Now that’s a price to talk about.

  1. Burrito Bar

The Burrito Bar in South Bank prides itself on doingmodern Mexican food and we love to try a variety of takes on the taco. Tacos from the Burrito Bar range from chilli beef, vege, grilled chicken and crispy fish, and you get the choice of a hard or soft shell (why not both?). 3 tacos are $13.95 so we’ll be heading there after work. The best bit is you can order online to your door.

  1. El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina has bucket-loads of style and so do their tacos. Their Cadillac Tacos will make you nostalgic for times gone by (we can’t get enough of them). Our plate will definitely have a space for the chickpea, grilled zucchini, capsicum, and cumin slaw taco and the spicy beer-battered barramundi, green mango salsa and jalapeno aioli taco. For those wanting a spice kick, the char-grilled steak taco has a three-chili rating. We’ll have to work our way up to that one, but on the plus side, that means more tacos.

  1. Baja

Fortitude Valley’s Baja is 1 part relaxing and 2 parts indulgence. Their food is 3 parts delicious. We highly recommend the Carnitas, Carne Asada and mushroom tacos for you to try. Baja is perfect for a night out or that end of week dinner out you promised yourself (go treat yourself).

  1. Montezumas

You’ll find it hard to find a taco that’s cheaper than Montezumas. Ranging from $5.50 – $6.50, you’ll get quality for your money with each bite (thanks Montezumas). We love pairing the Picadillo taco with the chorizo taco for a range of flavours. Why not add a side of ranchero dip and corn chips to create a full meal or grab the taco platter where you can match 3 tacos and salad?

  1. Cactus Republic

The tacos at Cactus Republic inSouthbank are everything a taco should be: tasty, not over-complicated and moreish (oh and did we say tasty?). Our wallet and stomach will both love these tacos as 3 are $12.95.  We call dibs on the fajita steak strips with fried onion string and jalapeno cream tacos, the achiote grilled chicken, roast corn salsa and guacamole tacos, and the BBQ pumpkin, baby spinach, pico and mex hommus tacos.

  1. Brewski Bar

Amongst the extensive menu of The Brewski Bar sits several options for tacos. For those looking for a lunchtime snack, check out the set of 2 jackfruit lunch tacos or beef lunch tacos for only $9.90 (available until 4pm so treat yourself on your lunch break). For those looking for some tasty bites, you can choose either the buffalo chicken, pulled beef, pulled pork, or pulled jackfruit to fill four delicious tacos for only $15. We’re heading to the Brewski Bar.

  1. Greenhouse Canteen

It’s no secret that Greenhouse Canteen makes great food, but we think more people should know about their tacos. Their menus always intrigue us but the raw taco, Cajun taco, cauliflower taco, and nut mince taco have our stomachs rumbling and our minds daydreaming. Perhaps trying all of them is the best option (we think so)?


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