Think: escape room but with cocktails.

Brisbane’s latest opening, Arcadium Adventures, is an immersive experience and speakeasy-style bar where you and your friends can practice those superior sleuthing skills and enjoy fantastic cocktails too! (Cluedo lovers; take note.)

Step through Arcadium’s portals into a world of magic and mystery and retrieve relics and legendary artefacts.

How it works:

Each team has 50 minutes to work together to solve puzzles and unravel the mysteries of Arcadium.

Every team of adventurers is provided with a special device. These devices have been loaded with information from the Arcadium archives, gathered from the explorations of previous adventurers. When used within the realms, these devices may interact with the environment and the curious objects within.

Bring your curiosity, your love of puzzles and your favourite people! The speakeasy-style bar features cocktails inspired by the various adventures of Arcadium and includes the gold and glittering Liquid Luck, a bubbling beverage of Apple, Mango & Prosecco; the Vanitas and the refreshing Sanguis Dragonis made of Brookies Slow Gin, Aperol, Lime Juice & Ginger Beer.

Guests may stumble upon certain discoveries during their adventures that grants them access to a special range of rare treats in the bar. The bar seats 40 and also contains a bookable meeting room for workshops, classes and team events.

The Details:

To make a booking and learn more about the adventures go to or follow Arcadium on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday and Friday: 2pm-10-pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am-10pm

Bookings are essential for adventures but guests are welcome to visit the bar at any time.

Pricing from $40pp for a group of five or six, available here.

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