You know when you’ve had a really crappy week (make that month) and it shows up on your face? All the unhealthy food you’ve eaten, all the sleep you haven’t had, all the cleansing you were too lazy to do decides to make itself apparent through your skin. Think dull, lacklustre and uneven skin tone (with a few pimples to boot, if you’re really unlucky).

Well, I had one of those months (or was it years?), and when I looked in the mirror one morning and saw a haggard, tired looking me staring back at… well, me, I decided I needed professional help. Enter Outshine Skin and Wellness Clinic. My new skincare guardian angel Amy told me about Outshine’s Signature Treatment, which combines three advanced skincare therapies and finishes with a vitamin infusion designed to make you glow. And boy, could I use a glow. Heck, I’d settle for anything to make me look even slightly less dead.

Vitamin Infusions

The best part of the treatment (apart from the vitamin goodies) is that it includes massage, and since Amy is known for having magic hands, my tense and tired body was well onboard.

So why apply vitamins on the outside as well as in? Many reasons, Amy tells me. “Vitamins are active treatments serums for the skin and are essential for healthy happy skin. If you are wanting visible clear results from your products then these vitamins are the way to go.”  Vitamin A (aka retinol) is a holy grail product. “Most people use it for its anti-aging benefits,” she explains. “But really it does so much more. It completely resurfaces the skin, making it a great tool to help acne sufferers and refining pores and oil flow.”

Next is Vitamin C: “So many people forget about this one!” Amy says. “It has amazing antioxidant benefits and helps to fight free radicals. It also smooths and brightens the skin as it repairs collagen and elastin fibres.” Wow, sounds like I could use a truckload of this stuff.

Then there’s Vitamin B, or as Amy calls it: “Our hero vitamin! It hydrates the skin making it beautiful, dewy and plump,” she explains. “It also helps repair damaged skin making it a fantastic vitamin for people with skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.”

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So armed with the knowledge of what this incredible treatment could do for me, it was time. First up we started with a little introductory massage and I pretty much melted into the bed in bliss. Next up a double cleanse, but with the second pass came a little device called the UltraSonophoresis. Amy explains it uses sound vibrations to help the skin absorb products more effectively. Like, way more. “UltraSonophoresis in skin treatments increases product absorption by several thousand folds,” she says. “It pushes the product further into the skin than applying with your hands. It creates little open pathways created by the vibrations allowing the product to penetrate further into the skin.” She warned me it might feel a little warm and sound a little weird but ensured me it wouldn’t hurt. Apparently, this little device would also be crucial in my vitamin infusion process.

After the cleanse my skin is prepped for a peel. We decide to go with Lactic Acid because it’s stronger than the other option and my skin needs some serious attention.

Up next in Outshine Wellness’s Signature Treatment is a Healite LED treatment for 11 minutes, accompanied by a scalp massage. And since LED treatment kind of feels like lying in the sun on the beach, and Amy pretty much has magic massage hands, this part can only be described as heavenly.

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I almost doze off in this part of the treatment and before I know it, it’s time for the transforming vitamin infusion. Now, some people may use various vitamin serums at home, but the benefit to infusing them via the sound vibrations is that they’re gonna get absorbed so much deeper and work their magic more effectively.

Again, the little buzzing of the UltraSonophoresis is warm and sounds… interesting, but is in no way painful. It’s kind of tickly, actually. Vitamins C and A are applied, followed by a Replenishing Mask and a facial massage (seriously, these massages are the greatest). Then vitamin B to make my skin all hydrated and plumped, followed by an Ultraceuticals sunscreen that smells DIVINE. (FYI Daily sunscreen is a MUST when using any vitamins/active ingredients).

After 90 minutes was up, my treatment was done and my skin felt supple and smooth. Over the next few days, I got SO MANY compliments on my skin… the best part? I wore only sunscreen, no makeup, and not one single person said “You look tired!” or “Are you feeling OK?” And Mum even said my skin looked the best she’s seen in a while. In my book, that is one heck of a win.

To bliss out on Outshine Skin and Wellness’s Signature Treatment (or for more information), visit or phone (07) 3252 2882.


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