5 Mistakes Men Make With Skincare

My last boyfriend was rubbish at skincare. He would come to me and ask why he had “flaky things” on his face (uh, they’re dead skin cells honey) and yet still wash his face exclusively with whatever shampoo dripped off his head. For the love of god, man, EXFOLIATE. I spoke to friends about it and they, too, said the men in their lives had no idea what they should be doing for their skin, and only sought help when the damage was done.

So, in the interests of helping either the menfolk (or the plain clueless) out there, I spoke to skincare extraordinaire Lilly from Simply Laser in Brisbane’s CBD to find out the biggest mistakes men usually make with skincare and how they can fix them. If you’re reading this thinking ‘oh my gosh, that’s SO [insert name here],’ please feel free to pass on to help them SOS (Save Our Skin).

          1. They have no skincare routine at all
Regardless of gender “as we age, our skin ages too,” Lilly says. “Everyone should have some sort of skincare routine, even if it’s a very basic one, is a great way to help our skin to look youthful and fresh.” So guys? No more hoping the water in the shower is enough to wash your face. Lilly says if a guy really wants the best advice, he should head to a place that specialises in skincare, such as Simply Laser, to get a full consultation and tailor-made skin recommendations. Otherwise, if that seems like way too much effort, even just adding a facial cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen are better than nothing. Heck, even just a cleanser is better than nothing.

          2. They use a bar of soap to wash their faces
“A lot of soaps contain ingredients that can actually accelerate aging and cause excessive skin dryness,” Lilly warns. Instead of using soap use a  hydrating cleanser for example Image Vital C or Ageless cleanser that contains glycolic for a light daily exfoliation.

          3. They don’t exfoliate
So many men I don’t don’t exfoliate. But guuuuuuuys, exfoliation makes your skin SO much better! Lilly agrees. “For men, exfoliating is key to prevent a build-up of dead skin cells which can give a sluggish appearance to the skin and cause congestion and ingrown hairs,” she says. “Using an exfoliator such as Image Skincare’s Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque twice a week works as an exfoliator and masque in one and saves time and the result is a fresh, healthy rejuvenated skin.

          4. They don’t wear sunscreen
No, no, no, no, no. This one is so important guys! In fact, it’s the MOST important. “The sun is the NUMBER ONE factor that contributes to ageing according to recent medical studies. Even in cloudy weather, we are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays,” Lilly explains. She says men could prevent a lot of skin damage and barely have to change anything else about their routine by just remembering to slap some high SPF sunscreen on their faces each day.

          5. They think facials are just for women
Oh men, how you are missing out on some A+ quality relaxation time by branding this one too feminine. Getting a facial is like the gym for your face; “They’re important for getting your skin into peak condition!” Lilly emphasises. “Just like the gym, your homecare skin regimen is like your diet, and your in-clinic peels/skin needling/facials are your exercises!” She continues: “We have so many males in the clinic at Simply Laser at the moment having treatments and consulting us on great skincare routines at home maximising their results. By holding onto that mentality of ‘facials are just for women’ you will just get left behind. You only get one skin, so look after it!”

So men, if you’re going to spend time in the gym working on your bod, you might as well go the whole nine yards and start to take care of your skin too. If you already do, a firm pat on the back for you, you’re awesome. If you’re reading this and feeling guilty then get onto better skincare, pronto! If you’re reading this thinking, “OMG my partner makes all these mistakes and is always complaining their face,” then hit that copy/paste button on the URL and send them a friendly ‘I told you so!’.

For more information, or to book yourself (or a skincare slacker you love you love) in for a skin consultation or treatment, visit Simply Laser or email [email protected].


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