Do you ever wish you had a doctor on call that you could text to decode whatever mini tantrum your skin was throwing? Or when you needed to decipher the ingredients list on your new moisturiser that may as well be in hieroglyphics? Or better still, to prescribe skincare products formulated to your exact needs, full of more effective active ingredients than you can get off the shelf? 

Well your wish (and mine!) has been granted, in the form of Qr8 Mediskin, a service that connects you to leading dermatologists to manage your skincare regimen and send you prescription only products customised just for you. 

How does Qr8 MediSkin work? 

Now I’ve tried custom skincare before but this service is next level; where some other services where fill in a form, get your products, set-and-forget, Qr8 MediSkin holds your hand every step of the way. And I should know, because I have experienced this service, which I now refer to as my skincare guardian angels to all my friends. 

The first step began with a questionnaire, where I talked about my current skincare concerns (hello recurring melasma, pigmentation and occasional flushing), uploaded photos (of my skin and current products) and waited for my appointment time with my new dermatologist.

Dr Scott then connected with me via Telehealth after he reviewed my photos. The appointment was extremely in depth, chatting about not only my concerns and current routine, but also about my ultimate skincare goals. As I have mentioned in COUNTLESS columns, I have always had a problem with melasma right under my eyes. I treat it with something, it goes away, it comes back, repeat ad infinitum. 

In this appointment Dr Scott asked me if I had allergies and I was like, “How on Earth did you know?” Apparently my pattern of melasma is not super normal, and is usually associated with periorbital dermatitis because it is exactly over where my sinus runs and WHY DID NO ONE ELSE EVER SUGGEST THIS TO ME BEFORE? 

He suggests I might want to speak to an allergy specialist at the same time that I am trying to fade my pigmentation. We chat then about different plans of attack and I am given my prescription suggestions. 

What does Qr8 MediSkin cost?

To reserve my dermatology Telehealth appointment, I had to put down $50, which was redeemable on the cost of treatment afterwards. Then Qr8 HQ Day Fade (the day cream) comes in at $120 and the Qr8 Night Cream Fade Mild (the night cream) is $220. It’s ever so slightly steeper than I expected, but if my unique cream cocktail works, I will gladly fork over the costs for three months of clear, pigmentation faded skin. And when you consider that is a three-month supply of each, at a medical grade formula, it’s actually quite good value.

How did my Qr8 MediSkin Products Go? 

Following my go ahead, the team send me instructions to read over while the powers that be mix my prescribed concoction. 

“Your HQ Day Cream contains Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, Liquorice Extract and Niacinamide. It should be used in the morning only, after cleansing and prior to the application of your SPF. 

“Your Night Fade Cream contains Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, Hydrocortisone and Niacinamide. It should be used in the evening only, after cleansing and prior to the application of any extra moisturiser (if required). As discussed, it is important to introduce these creams to your skin in an incremental fashion.”

I read over the application instructions carefully (you do not want to mess around with strong retinol or other actives!)

When I receive the creams I am super excited to begin my skincare journey. I already talked to Dr Scott about what in my regular routine will compliment my day and night cream well, and what products are a no no, so I say goodbye so a few products for three months and line up my new routine. 

One thing I find almost immediately is that, with the day cream especially, I need to apply it to a damp face. If my face isn’t damp, the cream sort of sits on my skin and forms a film, and then everything else I pop on top of it pills off. This drives me nuts for the first week until I perfect the application, as that’s expensive product to be wasting! 

I also need to make sure I apply each cream with time to sink in before following it with anything else, otherwise it’s another visit to pill town. 

It does take time to settle into the new regimen, and I do need some trial and error before I land on a routine that keeps my skin hydrated while also allowing the actives to do their job. 

The Verdict

So how did the whole shebang go? Well, see for yourselves. 

Qr8 MediSkin Review Before and After
YES I had just cleansed my face in the before photo but even without the redness you can see the pigment has faded.

It’s so funny, I had been thinking it hadn’t really worked at all until I looked back at the before photo. When you look at your own face (and pick it apart) every day, it’s hard to see change but it definitely is happening. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Qr8 MediSkin. Not only are the prescription creams tailored to your needs, I had the team on speed dial through the whole thing. Skin doing a weird thing? Text the Qr8 MediSkin team. Need to know if I can add another product to the routine? Text the Qr8 MediSkin team. Need tips on how to get the products sinking in properly? You better believe I text the Qr8 MediSkin team. 

All in all, it’s both an incredible, informative service, and a strong prescription product backed by medical advice and research. Strong recommend from me. 


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