Finding love isn’t easy: it’s difficult and daunting for many singles. And with love in the air on Network Ten’s The Bachelorette, we sit down with The Love Guru, matchmaker Linda Prescott for her insights into this competitive reality dating game show. No doubt about it, we’ll all be peeled to our lounge chairs every Wednesday and Thursday until all the previous dramatics of loverat Blake Garvey haha you got kicked out of Celebrity Apprentice are left in the wake of her choosing a husband from fourteen (rather gorgeous) bachelors.

Linda Prescott says …

For Those Other Singles Out There Just Like Sam
If you are looking for partner but struggling to find someone, I encourage you to keep an open mind. I always remind my clients that it often takes at least three dates to really see whether there is chemistry and a connection between you both. After the third date, all initial nerves should have worn off and you should be able to determine whether there is actually something there. Thinking back to The Bachelorette after the second rose ceremony, did you notice how attractive they all became when we saw their caring nature? As the old saying goes: never judge a book by its cover!

Looking At What The Bachelorette Should Learn This Time 
The shoe is on the other foot with Network Ten’s The Bachelorette. Last time, she was competing for the love of The Bachelor, but with this show she has no competition. Now, she can relax more, and be in a position where she can really learn about what exactly it is that she wants in her partner and figure out how to choose accordingly.

On How She Could Have Handled Her Break Up Better
Break ups are always tough, especially when they take place in the public eye. When we go through a break up, it’s important to be prepared for the questions, whether the questions come from family, friends or even media. You know they are going to be asked. I always encourage people to have responses prepared, so they don’t get flustered and say something they may regret later. I also recommend keeping it quiet on social media in the early stages, just to have the time to deal with it. It’s also really important to keep busy after a breakup. Take up a new activity like yoga or swimming to keep yourself distracted and make yourself feel good.

On The Power Being In The Woman’s Hands And How The Public Will Handle This.
Sam Frost is Australia’s sweetheart – we want her to find love. She comes across as the-girl-next-door – Australians love that. With the power in her hands and matched with her good attitude, we are in for some fun and laughs as we watch this unfold. Sam so far seems very conscious of people’s feelings, which is no doubt a result of having being in their shoes. We know she will remain classy, have some fun and hopefully have a better chance at love this time. It’s great that has she has gotten back on the horse in the dating game. This is an important message to everyone out there fed up with dating: dust yourself off and get back out there!

On There Being Double Standards In Love
Women can get away with a lot more than men.

The Love Guru’s Advice To The Bachelorette
This is your time. Think about what it is that you really want in a partner for life every day after the honeymoon period has worn off. Keep an open mind and have fun! We wish you the best of luck and hope you find someone you can fall in love with! 


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