Kieron Douglass: Getting Juiced and Running

Kieron Douglass may very well be in the running as Brisbane’s next local hero—literally. On Thursday May 28, Keiron will tackle a gruelling 200km run, starting from Southport and finishing in Mooloolaba, in an effort to raise $10,000 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Juiced TV.

As the powerhouse for motivational children’s program Project You Can, Keiron aims to inspire all children to reach their goals and meet their potential through motivational speaking. And through Juiced TV – which you can read more about here – Pip Russell gives sick children the chance to produce, host, and star in their own television programme, which is broadcasted throughout Lady Cilento’s Children Hospital. This unique TV program looks at providing children with more positive experiences during their stay in hospital. When Kieron Douglass heard about Juiced TV, he decided he had to help. “I can’t cure diseases like cancer,” Keiron says, “I just don’t have the knowledge. I can’t solve world hunger. But what I do have is a massive heart, the determination and the energy to put my running shoes on and tackle the 200km trek.” The motivational speaker, husband, and father of two has always had a great passion for helping children, and although the trek won’t be easy, Pip says “Kieron will have the biggest and loudest hospital cheer squad with him every step of the way”.

The Children’s Hospital Foundationis the official charity of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and with sponsors, partners, and the community, it achieves a great deal in providing support to sick kids and their families. “I have always had a great appreciation for life,” Kieron says, “and I believe as humans, we have a great power to make a difference.”

Photographer: Photography By Kieron

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