Knit Picking: The Chunky Knit..

And so it would appear that winter has arrived. Our ‘winter’ season is never anything more than a slightly cool and underwhelming breeze; and wearing anything remotely heavier than merino is likely to raise a sweat. As our woollen coats and jackets remain hanging for yet another season – untouched and moth-eaten – this is the perfect time to get the woolly ball rolling – with the Chunky Knit.

Knitwear is nothing new. We all wear it – albeit in mostly casual settings. But designers this season have dialled it up a notch and it’s looking pretty sharp. Stepping out of its warm and comfy shadow, it can now be expected to see designer knits mingling in the office, at parties and maybe even on a date or two. 

The chunky knit in inky colours of cool grey, and charcoal will be the hero of every fashionistas wardrobe this Brisbane winter season. From oversized, to printed, to short sleeved and textured, the chunky knit defines this season’s key winter essential. Comfortable, stylish, and beautifully warm, the chunky knit promises to pass the season in style. From Prada, to Chanel, the chunky knit is this season’s look du jour. Pair it with a set of high-waisted slim-leg pants or jeans for a slimming, and elongating look. Alternatively, pair a chunky knit with a flared A-line or straight skirt, opaque tights and a blazer, for a very preppy and on-trend weekend look.   

However, if casual Friday poses the routine dilemma of requiring a look that accommodates for both the office, and for the Friday evening knock-off cocktail or three, there’s a smarter alternative: The Roll Neck aka the Turtle Neck. 

Many share some history with this great feature. If it was part of a school uniform and hasn’t been made an appearance again since, it’s now time to forgive the past – and reconnect. It’s the resurgence of the Roll Neck, labelled one of this season’s most notable trends. Deceptively flattering, the Roll Neck lengthens the neck, and frames the face in the loveliest way. Add a pop of colour to the lip for a slightly more dramatic evening look, and the Roll Neck chunky knit is the perfect feature to transition your look to take it from work and into play. Paired with a work trouser, a skinny jean, a straight or A-line skirt, the functionality and versatility of the chunky Roll Neck knit is unmatched. Mix and match this hero piece by ways of layering with soft jersey tanks, tunic tops, and boxy, or basic tees for the ideal antidote throughout winter.

Layer up baby. It’s cold outside.


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