Finding Love in Brisbane

In this era of wifi and portable devices, we’re more connected than ever, but the quest to find love in Brisbane is still daunting and difficult for many Brisbane singles. The surge in online dating sites and hook-up apps offers a smorgasbord of potential partners, but is a swipe to the left or right or an electronic kiss an effective way to initiate a genuine, lasting relationship? 

Founder and senior matchmaker at introduction agency Ideal Introductions, Linda Prescott, says relationships are about timing and compatibility – and using technology offers positives and negatives. “For maintaining and rekindling old friendships, it’s amazing what technology has made possible. But you need compatibility on many levels to ensure a happy, healthy, lasting relationship. Online dating is such a visual thing; compatibility is secondary.” 

Whether its for love or lust, Linda says Gen Ys who are the savvy thinkers and often the most prepared to “outsource” their dating. Regardless of how people connect, building meaningful relationships still requires time, effort and honesty. “I am still a big believer in destiny, when I make a match it can be based on intuition. We spend years educating ourselves or months researching buying a property or car, so it still astounds me how little effort a lot of people put into finding the right partner,” Linda said.

Real love is hard to find. Perhaps the secret is to disconnect our fast-paced online selves a little and be prepared to spend more time connecting in the real world.


Be open and approachable
Be interested in what people have to say and maintain steady eye contact.
Leave egos at home and be humble.
Use the three date rule: don’t be too quick to judge. Give things a chance with more than one date.
Don’t over-analyse dates: they should be fun, not science projects for dissection.
Don’t be too picky: have standards but remember people aren’t perfect.
Don’t reject someone just because there isn’t an instant wow. Lust is fleeting but real chemistry takes time.
Don’t treat the date like an interview.
Don’t play games. Tell it like it is.
Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It always comes out later.


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