Mecca Max: 9 Must-Have Products

In case you have been living under a beauty rock, Mecca Maxima has recently dropped their massive makeup range. The best part? EVERYTHING IS UNDER $45 and prices start from just $5. Amazing. In terms of quality though, how does the range stack up against more exxy brands? And out of the entire range, which ones are the best buys? Listen up dear friends, I got you.

Eyephoria Vivid Impact Palette, $45
If you LOVE Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow range then this baby needs to make its way into your shopping basket. Packed with nude shades and glam hues, this palette has pigment to the max.
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Mega Matte Pout Pop Lipstick in Insta-Glam, $20
When bloggers start comparing this little tube of glory to MAC’s iconic Ruby Woo red lippie, you know you should give it a whirl. Its deep red colour is the stuff of vintage dreams, and it’s super creamy and long wearing.
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Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand, $25
Did anyone call for a Touche Eclat dupe? No? Well you got one anyway! Highlight and brush away your tiredness with his little magic wand.
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Power Tool Brush Cleansing Pad, $15
I cannot stress enough how much you should CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. You have no idea how gross your face is (on a bacterial level, don’t worry, you look gorgeous). You don’t want to smear those germs around. Cleaning brushes is a pain in the butt. Thankfully, this little silicone pad actually makes it a whole lot quicker, helping the bristles to foam up and rubbing off the dirt.
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Bring on Bright Illuminating Primer, $20
Release your inner unicorn goddess glow with a primer that gives you a “lit-from-within” look. Rather than highlighting the crap out of your face and looking like a disco ball, this primer potion gives you a subtle yet radiant look from underneath your foundation.
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Triple Threat Face Shaper Powder, $30
I LOVE me a good bronze, highlight and blush palette. I especially love this one because the blush colour is a little more demure and less “LOOK AT ME” pink than others. The result is a really natural-looking face shaping kit that saves a lot of space in your handbag, being an all-in-one compact.
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Eye Max Power Couple Mascara, $38
Look, YES you are getting slightly less mascara to make room for the little brush but a) you never get through your tube before it expires anyway (learn about your makeup expiry dates here) and b) it’s a mini miracle worker. There are two ways to use the teeny brush: first to separate your lashes properly before laying it on thick with the big mascara wand; and secondly, to coat your bottom lashes without the messy clumping.
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Off Duty Micellar Water, $15-$28
I know micellar water is micellar water and it’s hard to differentiate, but this one smells REALLY NICE you guys. Plus, it seems really gentle on my skin.
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Life Proof Cream Concealer, $22
Although this is not as heavy duty as your NARS Creamy Concealer, it still does the job exceedingly well for the price, and has a decent amount of product in the tube.
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