Montague Crepe & Cocktail Bar

From the archive: This article was from our original site -MyCityLife posted on 16 July 2014.

First, it was Capulet, where tales of star-cross’d lovers saw romantic misadventures play out from the charming courtyard bar at 188 Brunswick Street in The Valley. This spot north of Brunswick Street Mall seemed an unlikely spot for intrigue and capriciousness when a gritty urban character had long defined that side of The Valley. 

But the outdoor courtyard bar – once home to lovers of hip hop, drum n bass and graff – has bloomed; replaced by astro turf, a chilled house soundtrack and eternal garden party vibes. Capulet brings a sense of understated glamour and worldliness to an infamous part of town, where Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon sparkles behind both the inside and courtyard bars, and a whimsical cocktail menu pays tribute to Shakespearian references. The vintage quirkiness of Capulet has really set the scene: courtship in a courtyard and a sense of exclusivity where quality stands before quantity.

And now, the neighbouring premises of a hideaway hole-in-the-wall join this stylish Fete Champetre. Persisting with the idee fixee of keeping to the Renaissance and the melodramatic comes Crepe and Cocktail bar, Montague. Come early August and as the other side to fair Verona’s two families, Montague will complement the feminine courtyard evening charm of Capulet as a breakfast-through-to-evening pillar. French pancakes and other cafe dishes will feature with a beverage menu that morphs from coffee into spirits. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner until late, Montague will keep the European magic flowing continuously.

There certainly appears to be a definitive rise in classic French inspirations and influences of late. 127 Bar & Bistro, 85 Miskin Street, and Libertine Bar & Restaurant remain categorical standouts alongside Bacchus, South Bank. And with Tattersalls’ Executive Chef Shannon Kellam on his way to the 2015 Bocuse d’Or, there’s no wonder of the resurgence in classic French. Then given the recent Bastille Day celebrations – where we looked into How To Be French In The City – the French Revolution is well and truly coming to The Valley. 

French import Chef Jean-Paul Bayer will take the helm of Montague’s kitchen where an emphasis on classic styles and unique techniques extends through to the ingredients and delivery. Crepes will be the highlight on the food menu, with flavours ranging from savoury to sweet, decadent to wholesome. The Super Crepe looks to be a particular standout, filled with cacao, coconut oil, goji berries and bananas. Other flavours includes the Speculoos paste –a caramelized gingerbread cookie paste, really, a Flemish form of peanut butter – and Sobrassada; a recipe from the Balearic Islands of the Catalans as a raw, cured chorizo perfect for tapas.

Operations Manager Scott Griffin and Bar Manager Addam Winkels have worked alongside co-owner Leigh Metzeling to curate Montague’s cocktail list, staying true to its trend of exclusivity and finesse. The bar will house spirits from across the globe as the eternal European influence extends through to the mixology.

It is written in the stars: In August, Montague will join to the house of Capulet. From early morning to late at night and extending across the weekend, savoir-faire will infuse Brunswick Street through crepes, cocktails and a garden party culture.


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