Must-Have Makeup Palettes for 2019

I don’t know about you, but I get all starry eyed every time I see a pretty makeup palette. Thing is, pretty doesn’t always mean perfect. There are loads of factors to consider when choosing a palette such as: are the powders well pigmented? Will you use the colours? Does it have the shimmer/matte ratio you’re after? Is it long wearing? Do the colours look the same in the palette as in a swatch? Well fret not, my beauty lovers, I’ve done the hard yards to test out palettes galore to find the ones are worth a position in your makeup kit. And if you want to see the palettes in action, there’s a handy video below. Get ready for serious pigment envy. 

Smashbox LA Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette, $69

This palette caught my eye because LOOK AT THAT TEAL! Also how handy is it to have a palette with several shades organised as “looks”? Not to mention double-sized base shades because how freaking annoying is it running out of a shade you use the most?

So how does it stand up? The deeper shades have that sexy one-swipe pigment that makes them so appealing while still being blendable AF. The lighter hues are delicate and sweet, but they greatly benefit from using a cream base to really give them something to stick to. This is nine mattes and seven shimmers of pure, ritzy LA style. Bonus? They give you a FULL-SIZE EYELINER.


Everything Charlotte Tilbury screams luxury to me, and having highlighters crafted into little gold bars… well that’s just proof of that.

This palette of glowing highlighters is a response to Charlotte’s iconic solo Bar of Gold highlighter and what a dazzling response. I had heard tell of the majesty of this finely milled powder but I didn’t really realise how fine and blendable it all would be until I had it in my hot little hands. Think powder so fine it almost feels like cashmere, and glides on skin just as smoothly too.

I got told I looked “radiant” when I popped some on, which I thought was just marketing speak but it turns out people do say it when you really are glowing. I am super pale (read translucent) and the Rose Gold shade suited me best but I can tell from the swatches that the Gold Bullion and original Gold shade will be brilliant for creating a natural glow when I’ve got my spray tan on.

Bobbi Brown Haute Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $95 

These are the only nudes I will accept from here on in. Bobbi Brown has taken their signature nudes palette to the next level with mattes and shimmers and sparkles, oh my! This is neutrals with a glam, romantic twist. Pigments here range from soft and sheer, to medium (and super buildable) which is perfect for the nude looks this palette is trying to achieve. Again, using a cream base or eyeshadow primer will help bring those colours out if you want to dabble in something a bit more bold. I adored the super velvety texture of the shadows.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Miniature Eyeshadow Palette, $22

Forget packing your massive palettes to create everyday looks, Sephora Collection has you covered with these beauty cuties. In three different shade combos, the Miniature Palette is ideal for purse stashing and use while travelling. It even comes with a tutorial on how to create different looks with different shades. Now all we need is the ideal tiny brush set to stash with it.

TARTE Tarteist™ Pro Glow & Blush, $75 

Hello my new, sassy blush wardrobe. It’s so nice to have blush, bronzer and highlighter in one convenient package and the colour range is on point. Then I realised I could mix the hues together to create even more looks and got super excited. I tried a different colour each day in the office and Amazonian clay formula sure lived up to its reputation: streak free and fade free. After a week of compliments of how healthy and bright I looked I have decided this is my new favourite blush ever.


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