Evelyn Butcher | 06 June 2019

Much to our dismay winter has well and truly kicked in, and the only plausible way we can come up with to fill our gloomy days is, of course, shopping. What’s on our wish list this season? Read on to find out...

Pearl earrings

Simple, elegant, and, as some might even go so far as to say, regal. Natural pearl drop earrings are turning out to be a total look right now. We always love a good statement pair of earrings, and pearls are the perfect way to achieve that vibe while maintaining a sense of class. Hello graceful simplicity!

Shop our fave pearl earrings:

Kannava Jewels Daisy Chain Earrings

Pip Stent Pearl Hoops 2

Izoa Swan Song Earrings


Okay, so berets are just always chic af. The French basically invented fashion, and so of course this iconic French hat is a winter essential for any and all fashion savvy babes. We know you may have dabbled with a black beret in the past, but we’re daring you to get bold this winter, and opt for a different colour. Maybe a bright red or yellow, or our choice this season, a baby blue. Bonjour!

Shop our fave berets:

Lack of Color Beret

Avenue Stella Beret


If we had to choose our favourite fabric, well it would be silk, but running in at a close second is corduroy. With is crimped wavy texture, it’s got us utterly seduced this winter. Thick cord pants are super warm, and if you get a wide leg pair it’s basically like wearing pjs, only, pjs you can get away with wearing at work. Rising to popularity in the 60s, when the beatniks made it a thing, it was huge among surfers of the 70s and 80s, appropriated in the 90s grunge era, cord has always been the cloth of the coolest crowds.

Shop our fave Cord pants:

Rolla’s Horizon Cord Pant

Paloma Wool Cannoli Pant

Sister Studio Divine Pant

So there ya go, that’s what we’ll be spending all our hard earned cash on come pay day. And, as always, we recommend having a scout around your favourite op shops and vintage boutiques for these pieces.

Main Image: @palomawool

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Evelyn is a Brisbane-based creative writer. She's addicted to iced long blacks and cares more about her house plants than people. The most common thing she hears is ""Ev, that is way too much butter". 


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