Well, it’s winter now, which means we’re getting ready to settle into hibernation. The first thing on our to do list? Turn our bedrooms into warm little love nests so we can snuggle up and sleep our way through the treacherous cold. It’s time to roll down your sleeves (yes down, it’s cold remember?) and embrace the domestic god/dess in you.


Pink is the warmest colour
Firstly, if you have been living without a salt lamp all this time what the f have you been doing? Missing out, that’s what. Salt lamps are big hunks of pink rock salt with a light shining through the middle of it. They’ll cast an ambient pink glow over your room that’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They’re also said to improve air quality and boost your mood, and who doesn’t need a little boost during a gloomy winter?


Rug up
There’s nothing more unpleasant than waking in the morning, being forced out of your cosy bed by an insistent alarm, only to then have to walk your sensitive little feet across cold tiles or floor boards. Get yourself a rug that’ll make you wanna roll around on it like the animal you are. Your bedroom’s carpeted? Get one for the aesthetics, go crazy!


Clutching at pillows
If, like us, your single and alone, you can still cop a cuddle this winter (kinda)! A pillow is just as good as a partner right? Perhaps better, because, well, they don’t hog the blanket or try to talk to you through Harry Potter (just because we’ve seen it a million times doesn’t mean we don’t want to watch intently!) So go out like the strong independent person you are and get yourself the plush pillows you deserve. Unfortunately you won’t ever get to be the little spoon, but hey, being the big spoon is better than not being a spoon at all.


(The smell of) love is in the air
With your salt lamp giving off a warm flicker, it’s time to get your room smelling blissful so you can replace the scented candle. In case you hadn’t heard, essential oil diffusers are the best thing ever. They “diffuse” water and scented oils into the air, filling out your room with a  romantic fragrance. It’s worth doing a bit of research on what oils are good for winter, because aromatherapy can help protect your body from catching a cold. Getting a diffuser is the perfect excuse to whip out your cauldren, stir up a unique perfume of essential oils and get witchy.

Just get a heater
Hmm… this probably should’ve been first up on our list. Buy a heater! That’ll keep ya warm for sure.

Unless you’re gallivanting off to Europe this winter (in which case, we hate you) you’ll probably be spending a fair bit of time staying in, watching Netflix in bed and binging on lots of naughty things. So it’s a good idea to turn your room into a warm sanctuary and escape the chill.

Images: Urban Outfitters


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