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Festivals are a place where you can express yourself in any which way you please. But sometimes, your festival fashion freedom isn’t so environmentally friendly. You’d be surprised what common festival practice is doing the earth dirty. But fear not! We’ve got you girl…. We’ve put together our top tips and tricks to make your festival fashion fierce AND eco-friendly.

Try ditching the fast fashion online stores for your next festi-fit. If your current closet doesn’t look like it’s going to provide the goods, go support your local second-hand charity or vintage stores. You can find some cool one-off pieces that will get you looking festival-fly. Better still, upcycle or repurpose a piece from your (or your mums/sisters/aunties/grandmas) existing wardrobe.

We know it’s tempting to buy a cheap pair of boots or sneakers from Kmart that you can ‘just throw away’ after they get muddy in the mosh pit. This might be the cheaper option, but definitely not the most sustainable. Invest in some heavy-duty dancing shoes for your next festival and they’ll last you for the next 10 to come! We’d recommend Dr Martens for some kick-ass boots or Veja for some classic white sneakers.

If you’re anything like us, despite meticulous and strategic placement of glitter when getting ready for a festival, after a couple of hours of dancing……..

.. this is the result. Still cute though!

Bad news festival friends … glitter isn’t so cute for the environment. Glitter is essentially tiny pieces of pretty plastic. However, there is a sustainable solution. Eco, biodegradable glitter is now a thing! Get your hands on some gold glitter from The Glitter Tribe or create a rainbow sparkle with the gorgeous colours from Three Mamas.

Don’t just stop with your clothes either! It’s not just your fashion choices that you should be conscious of:

If you’re a person that prefers to sip with a straw, BYO! Try reducing your waste by bringing your own metal or bamboo straw with you.  Check out these stainless steel straws that come with their own reusable travel pouch from Flora and Fauna or these SUPER cute bamboo straws from Tropeaka

Drinking Bottles and Cups
When you’re dancing all day long, you need to keep hydrated. But as we all know, plastic water bottles are a huge no-no. All festivals provide free water for party-goers. So, take a reusable bottle with you next time! Dance, stay hydrated and keep the environment happy at the same time! Both Biome and Hello Green offer a range of sizes and prints in their stainless steel bottles.

Camping Gear
You wouldn’t litter at the beach or at a park, so why is a festival campground? Don’t leave any camping gear, food, drink or clothing items behind after you have had your festival fun. Even if it is broken, responsibility disposes of it elsewhere.

At the end of the day, wearing an environmentally-conscious outfit or being environmentally friendly at a festival, doesn’t mean you won’t SLAY or forgo any fun. It just means you might have to plan a bit beforehand. You might leave the festival feeling a little worse for wear, but at least the environment won’t be!

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